Yesterday was the big day.  Back to Rhode Island Hospital for my cat scan.  My mom and I are starting to get pretty familiar with that parking lot and the sky bridge to Dudley Street.  Now if only we could navigate those confusing hallways into the radiology department…luckily, we’ve made our chronically confused hospital navigation into a bit of a joke.  Wait, if we’re already on level ‘G’, why are we taking the elevator?  Take a left at CVS… Over the small bridge- never the long one!  Don’t stray too far from the path!

When we finally located the radiology office, I registered, and not too long after that it was time for my “close up” (see what I did there?).  To my surprise, I was actually allowed to keep all my clothes on (after stripping down and donning a johnny a few times a week for several months at acupuncture, remaining fully-clothed at the hospital seemed a bit like wearing sneakers in the pool).  As I laid there on the stiff, shifting bed, letting my body be fed in and out of the big round camera-donut feet first, I reminisced on all of the fun times I’ve had while having my bones photographed.  There have been countless rounds of x-rays, a non-descript MRI, and a full body bone scan.  Oddly enough, none of that prepared me for how quickly this cat scan would go by.  I laid there staring at two little happy face icons as a strange voice commanded me to “breathe in, breathe out, stop breathing”.  Say cheeeeese.  Two practice rounds and one long, drawn-out, holding-of-the-breath later and I was all done.  Ready to hop down, shoes never removed, and be on my way.

I think it took us longer to find our way through the hospital than the actual cat scan itself.  But I bet it takes triple our hallway trudging time to get the results…cross your fingers for me!

alternative healing: herbs and more herbs…


As I head fearlessly into my second month of acupuncture treatments, I can’t help but wonder…what do my readers think?  With all of the medical options available today, it can be hard to keep them all straight.  This option treats a certain group of muscles, that option adjusts your bone structure routinely, another aims to rework the flow of energy through your entire body.  But what does it all mean?  Which option is the most effective for me?  This can be one of the toughest questions to answer, and one of the most frustrating obstacles facing an injured dancer.

One of the biggest differences between acupuncture and traditional Western medicine I’ve noticed (besides the extreme difference in needle size, quantity, placement and purpose), is the opposition of herbal supplements versus medical drugs.  I don’t know about you, but if there is an all-natural option promising to cure my ailments, I am alllll ovah dat.  But how hard are these herbs actually working in my body?  I mean, the often immediate relief you feel after taking some ibuprofen is undeniable.  Conversely, if you asked me how much my health has improved after taking a hearty dose of 14 different herb capsules 3 times a day (that’s 42 big capsules, peeps) I would be at a loss for words.  While I don’t have any real complaints about taking the herbs (swallowing a mass amount of capsules is actually a luxurious experience compared to my previous method of herbal ingestion in powder form- I will tell you right now, spooning large scoops of powdery dirt into a shot glass and chocking down the now-goopy mud-like substance then trying to erase the entire process from your memory 3 times a day is even harder than it sounds), I also don’t have a lot of great things to say about them.  The “sleepy-time” herbs do promote a nice restful sleep (so that’s 3 more capsules every night before bed, for anyone still keeping count), and I think my morning round up of herbs do kill the pain for a short while, but I always end up requiring some ibuprofen midway through the day.  Without much instant gratification (something our “progressive” society has taught me to crave) from the herbs, it’s hard to see the point in the whole process…

Soooo here’s what I want to know:  Have any of you ever tried acupuncture?  What was your experience?  Did you have a whole cocktail (kind of like a long island iced tea in this case) of herbal supplements to take?  What other forms of healing have you tried?  Did they work for you?