lately i’m loving

Just a little roundup of some things I’m loving lately: the entire outfit in the first photo, signs that say hello, love, and goodbye all in one word, Kate Middleton and her gorgeous sparkly butterfly-esque dress and impecable hair, a pink couch with black and white pillows, summer hat and smooth hair, miley and liam looking glamorous, & ribbon streamers making mix-matched chairs instantly festive.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!  Unless of course it’s stormy where you are, in which case you should continue surfing USA the interwebs.  Whatever’s clever.  Xo.

smooth criminal

Just a little update on the workout/cleanse the roommie and I started Tuesday…

Today my roommate/partner in crime/workout buddy traveled to the Cape (lucky duck!) to sit some babies, and I surprised myself by continuing the workout regime all by my little old self.  This may seem like a small act of simple self-control…but let me just say, people, I am SORE.  Not your average sore, either, but 3rd-day-into-new-fitness-routine-after-several-months-of-increased-couchtime, fiery pain in my back, arms required to stand up from any position because my legs are like jelly, S-O-R-E.  But like they say, it’s good to feel the burn…no pain no gain…sweat is fat crying…you know the schpeal.

Anyone else trying to get in better shape?  I raise my homemade, delicious and nutritious, post-workout protein smoothie to you, cheers!  Oh and here are some pictures that might help you along (I know they’re kicking me in the buns!)…

P.S. Dang, Miley has a nice body, huh?!  I hate this phrase but- prime thinspiration!

Have a great, healthy Thursday, chickens!

the hemsworth’s

Yes, I know I’m a complete nerd, but between Hannah Montana and the Hunger Games (not to mention the sappy Nicholas Sparks novel-turned-movie where they met on set), it’s safe to say I’m a big fan of both Miley and her super sexy beau, Liam.  They both have amazing style- seriously I’m always impressed with Miley’s looks from the sidewalk to red carpet and let’s face it, a trash bag would look good on Liam.  My inner teeny-bopper excitement resurfaced today when I discovered that the ulta-cute couple are now engaged!  They’ve already had one rough breakup earlier in their relationship, which doesn’t bode promising for a young marriage (she’s 19 and he’s 22), BUT I certainly have my fingers crossed.  Best of luck!