goodbye, sweet june



June began with a wedding and ended with a window.  The weeks between brought sunshine, studying and sugar.  Most days were dominated by a study of the social history of Providence as chronicled in architecture (one of the best college courses I’ve taken thus far) and twirling about with Free People.  In the sugar department the aforementioned gourmet donuts via new kids on the block, pvdonuts, do indeed taste every bit as good as they look.  You can’t call yourself a pvd kid until you’ve tried one, and they are well worth the wait.  So go get ’em, guys.

In travel news, it seems Watch Hill always calls us without warning.  But I’m not complaining; our spontaneous trips to Westerly always yield good conversation and a refreshing shift in perspective.  Together we leave with a deeper understanding of each other, the kind only an empty beach, popcorn, and pinot grigio can invoke.  And of course, Olympia Tea Room never disappoints- sometimes Marcia even offers free cake…



cutesy couple photo by Michael Collins.




Hello, friends.

Things have been rather quiet here on the little bloggy lately.  It’s been an interesting, er…difficult, week.  In the midst of the gourmet donuts and spontaneous trips to Boston that typically comprise my admittedly semi-charmed-kinda-life, a big ol’ window blew straight off its tracks and onto my face.  No, literally.  The heavy metal frame pierced a nice stripe on my cheek, leaving torn skin in its drunken wake.  And wake me it did!  Ripped right out of a dream and into a rather painful day…

Twelve hours of stress.  Twenty minutes of bated breath.  Ten minutes of acute discomfort.  Five stitches.

A wise bear once said, “They’re funny things, Accidents.  You never have them till you’re having them.”  You cannot control what happens to you, only how you react to it.  You know, some clichés are worth repeating.  I choose to interpret this accident as a reminder.  A reminder to be intentional, to never despise the mundane, and to appreciate every single gift.  I’m so thankful for my sight, for two Stevens, for my body’s wonderfully weird ability to repair itself, and for the brave surgeon whose many hours of study and skilled hands fixed up my face.

Today, I’m happy to be on the mend and making plans.  Thanks for listening.  We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.





grunge-tastic photo by Kelly Louise Photography for Free People Providence.

plié this way



I remember the first piece of Free People clothing I ever wore, because I still own it.  Decidedly outside my usual color scheme, the tangerine hoodie is embroidered in thick black thread with an intricate floral pattern.  It has been mine for nearly a decade, a most prized gift for accomplishing the awkward task of turning fifteen.  Since then I’ve moved from my parents’ home to my brother’s, to a shared apartment in Providence before finally my own, and a certain orange sweater has come with me every time.  Though admittedly not something I wear every day, that Free People hoodie gives me such fuzzy feelings.

These days my uniform has changed slightly, from tangerine sweatshirts to easy dresses, flowy tees and seamless intimates by the boho brand.  It would be no exaggeration to say my closet is chock full of freeps…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So when Free People contacted me about styling a few pieces for their Movement is Free campaign, I yipped, squealed, and jumped on the idea.  Kelly did what she does best (with a side of cuteness and Christmas) and HERE WE ARE!  On the FREE PEOPLE WEBSITE!  Sorry for the shouting.  I’m a tad excited.

Go check it out, if you like.  Let me know what you think, should you feel so inclined. I’ll just be here, happy-dancing…


all photos by Kelly Louise Photography.

summer solstice

Monday morning starts with an apartment in the trees.  On the West side of Providence, somewhere on Broadway, I sit in a yellow kitchen surrounded by the most vivacious potted plants I have ever seen.  I don’t think the owner of this apartment has ever thrown away an empty bottle of liquor; he chooses instead to make the many vessels into candlesticks and homes for dried lavender.  This is a sentimental touch that I, of course, appreciate.  Samara buzzes all around me, and when she stands back my hair is curled, lashes applied and lips fully glossed.  Melissa dresses me in a way only she could, romper and tank layered and ready to “lounge”.  There’s a python peaking out from a rock across from me, and she’s growing longer by the minute, clearly curious of my intentions here.  Under Evan’s direction, I rifle through records, thumb through ghost stories, and dance- freeps style- to Magpie Blues Collection, Volume 1 on vinyl.FullSizeRender 101.jpg

Emily joins, her blonde tresses mirroring mine, and together we prepare for the outside world.  Outfits changed, hats and sunnies placed and replaced, we take to the streets for record shopping, bike riding, and other “first day of summer!” tom foolery.

FullSizeRender 104.jpgFullSizeRender 105



When the evening is closing in and my architecture class drawing near, a few polaroids by the river commemorate the end of our “Best Day of Summer”.  And all sarcasm aside, with (free- thanks Evan!) lunch at Geoff’s, a cuddle sesh with Hudson, and an introduction to some talented new friends, this day really is going to give the next 72 a run for their money.

hair + makeup: Samara St. Martin

styling: Melissa Csigay

first 3 photos by Frame & Anchor, all others by Kelly Louise Photography for Free People.

stay tuned for more about the making of this collaborative video…


photo 3

Wow.  It’s only been two weeks since my last post, but I swear I’ve jammed an entire summer’s worth of projects into those 14 days and nights.  Since we last spoke I filmed a music video, moved into a new home, spent 2 days modeling (read: twirling) for MAC cosmetics, celebrated the first beach day of the season accordingly (see first photo), and participated in another photoshoot for Unique Gifts By Vilia.  There is so much to share, I’m just going to work through it all in reverse order.

We’ll begin with this past weekend’s adventure on the scenic Cliff Walk of Newport, RI, where I spent the evening strolling, giggling and modeling the day away with the multi-talented Vilia and some truly fantastic friends.  I’m still not very comfortable in front of the lens, but the behind the scenes fun always makes it well worth my pose-a-phobia!  Exhibit A: As we munched on our post-photoshoot picnic and watched the sun set over First Beach, a salty breeze swirled around my face, kissing my ears with its happy summer song and I was reminded why I love this pretty little Ocean State of ours.unique3 photo 2 photo 3unique2 photo 4 unique10463995_523489091089267_2013835002123263991_nphoto 4

first,sixth and seventh photos by Vilia Putrius

wrap it up

1381796_423861421052035_664915844_n 600845_423854457719398_663411970_n1234340_423851254386385_1286474090_n1381942_423854527719391_679066443_n1381987_423850574386453_716499212_n

This S(f)unday, Tegan and I had the pleasure of helping out FBP’s Vilia Putrius with her latest creative project: Unique Gifts by Vilia.  Teaming up with family and friends from her home country (Lithuania), the delightful principal dancer has started her own line of 100 % handmade knitwear.  We all know I’m no model, but when someone as lovable and charming as Vilia asks for your help, you just don’t say no!  Despite my nerves, it was an absolutely lovely day spent by a pond in Barrington, snapping photos, giggling like crazy people, and snuggling up in these soft, gorgeous pieces.  I am seriously coveting one of those intricate purple scarves (second photo)- so cozy!

Shop, here.

Like the Facebook page, here.

playing model

model4 model1 model2

Today Brenna and I headed to the Hope Artiste’s Village in Pawtucket to model some clothes for a little boutique in downtown Providence called Shoppe Pioneer.  We were pretty nervous for our first ever modeling gig (unless you count the RISD fashion critique?), but today’s photoshoot pleasantly surprised us;  We both left smiling and feeling like we’d conquered a real fear.  Three cheers for moving out of your comfort zone!  Woo!

Soooo, these pictures are just a little sneak peek., but stay tuned for more awkward, hand-on-hip poses.  And try your best not to laugh at me, or we’re not friends anymore!  Just kidding we will always be friends.  But seriously, don’t laugh, kay?!  Happy Sunday, all. x

lady in red

Even if you’ve never heard of my blog and all you’ve read so far is “Tutus & Stilettos”, I think this goes without saying, but obviously I’m going to say it anyway, so here goes:  I am obsessed with this editorial from October’s Vogue Russia.  Shot by the one and only Patrick Demarchelier (I have Miranda Presley calling….I have Patrick!  Devil Wears Prada anyone???), this spread features model Anna Selezneva portraying one of Russia’s infamously über strict ballet teachers, sternly pacing around a class of adorable baby ballerinas.  Don’t try warming up to this crimson queen- the blonde beauty doesn’t crack a smile throughout the entire shoot- just like a true Russian ballet instructor (and yes, I am speaking from experience).  Despite her spot-on iciness, Selezneva sizzles in each classic red piece she models, and let’s face it, everything is more fun to look at with teeny Russian prodigies in pointe shoes pirouetting and prancing around!

So, do tell, what do you think of this editorial?

fall into the gap

While strolling through the mall earlier this week, relishing in the devine smell of my new Flowerbomb perfume sample, I spotted this photograph in the window at Gap.  I completely stopped in my tracks and flitted toward the storefront like a moth to a flame.  It’s not every day you see a model with her leg hiked up above her head!

Gap’s new campaign iconic basic button-downs, redefined.  And who knows more about putting a fresh spin on a classic than a ballet dancer?! Enter Yuanyuan Tan, Principle dancer with the San Francisco Ballet and her lady-like baby blue pointe shoes.  I LOVE Gap for realizing the brilliance in using a ballerina as their model- this photograph captures the eye of all passers-by, and it also contributes to the theme of their campaign immensely.  In selecting Yuanyuan as their model, Gap is heeding their own advice and reinventing the basics.  Thank you, Gap, for thinking outside the box and seeking a different type of model for your campaign.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good model (Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, and Miranda Kerr I’m looking at you!), but there’s an unmatchable beauty in a ballet photograph.  Not only does the photographer have the ability to capture the honest joy that surfaces on the dancer’s face while she’s engaged in her craft, but each pose conveys a deep strength that can only be attained through a lifetime of hard work.  Fierce, Ms. Tan!