10 days down under









as we touched down in Queenstown

island vegetation and mini eco-system formations

welcomed us to a land down under

avo toasted plates and brekkie bowls

dark fruit breads and savory scones

skyline hikes to starfish dives

winding drives past brown beehives

by rocky vineyards and cold Sound rocks

then cute salads and long bird walks

sweet TimTams and fijoa fruits

just Keds and my trusty boots

exploring a world upside in and downside out

leaning left in round abouts

now a fat stack of boarding passes

sits in my home like wasted ashes

artifacts of our 40-hour days

and proof of passports so well played.


-from the weary mind of a NZ traveler



I’m baaaaack! Did you miss me?

I can’t wait to share stories and (so many) pictures from my travels down under! But for now, I’m taking a moment on this special day to remember those who sacrificed so much for our freedom. And also to initiate operation DETOX, tackle some laundry, and work my way out of some serious jet lag. Stay tuned, friends!

paper thin

Photos of the spell-binding artwork at Gibbs Farm have been circling the internet for some time now, and I have come to the conclusion that I would be doing you all a disservice if I did not share some of them on here!  I mean, how incredible is this giant sculpture?  It was created by artist Neil Dawson for Gibbs Farm, a large sculpture park in North Auckland, New Zealand, and it is one of the coolest installations I have ever seen.  I love everything about it; its larger than life size, the magical way it appears as if drawn on the air with a giant sharpie marker, but most of all I enjoy its placement within the farm.  Up on a hill, the frame-like nature of the floating “paper” structure provides a window to the varying skyline, which changes with the seasons as well as the time of day.  This breathtaking piece of art adds an unexpected, whimsical element to an otherwise beautiful, but slightly less imaginative setting.
Seeing this art-splattered farm is most definitely on my bucket list.  What do you think of Dawson’s work?