struggles and rewards


This first week back post-layoff proved far more challenging than anticipated.  I could go on and on about my tight calves, sore achilles tendons and lack of stamina, but instead I will just assure you these past 5 days have been a real struggle.

At the start of the season, I decided to reward myself for staying strong through all those injured months with some new Catbird goodies.  The Brooklyn-based jewelry brand’s Cyber Monday sale seemed like the perfect time to invest in a piece from their coveted ballerina collection (obsessed) and score a few other baubles with free shipping and a gifted tote bag as part of the promotion.  The indulgent package of pretties was the perfect pick-me-up in the middle of such a hellish week.

Now it’s on to sewing waaaay too many of these:DSC03302

and checking out Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker as the third installment of my seasonal ballet sampler.  Happy Nutcracker season, all!

lyke my lyst?

You  may have noticed a snazzy new link over there on my sidebar…care for some explanation?  Welllllllll

I was recently introduced to Lyst, a website that allows you to curate your very own virtual must-have wish list.  Start by surfing the online bulletin of trendy picks posted by designers, bloggers, people and stores, then add them to your “lyst” with one simple mouse click.  Easy.  As.  That.  As someone who is a self-diagnosed-online-shop-a-holic, finding an entire website dedicated to simplifying the sometimes tedious task of internet browsing (wow, my life sounds really tough right now doesn’t it? woof) was kinda like finding the open express lane after schlumping past all of the long lines of busy check out registers at Whole Foods— yes, it’s that good.  The cherry on top?  Lyst will alert you the instant any of the items in your collection go on sale.  GENIUS.  Tempting, tempting, internet genius.

bag lady

Sometimes all it takes is a simple, unassuming photo to spur a 24-hour online shopping marathon.  As proven by the overflowing “wish lists” I’ve created on an embarrassing number of websites in the past day, the above picture had just that effect.  Although I remain obsessed with the See by Chloé tote I gushed about here, quite a few other leathery-beauts have made their way onto my radar since.  Here’s a little sneaky peeky:

These bags are all structured, slightly boxy totes with some form of top handles.  All are equipped with certain assets that I’ve deemed timless: classic, neutral colors, high quality leather and subtle metal detailing.  Decisions decisions.  Which one is your favorite?

(1. marc jacobs 2. prada 3. marc jacobs “too hot too handle” 4. chloe 5. marc jacobs two-toned satchel 6. classic celine two-toned 7. miu miu 8. prada with long strap 9. marc jacobs bowler 10. classic mulberry)

cherry zipped

I’m not gonna lie, I have a pretty expansive bag collection.  Slouchy hobos and clutches- I’ve got many, shoulder bags and crossbodies- even more…you want thing-a-ma-bobs?  I’ve got twenty!  Sorry, couldn’t resist…

The point issss my collection is almost* complete.  So what’s missing, you ask?  Why, a season-defying structured tote bag of course!  Enter this See by Chloé “cherry zipped” tote.  It’s pure perfection.  The only thing keeping me from ordering this little beauty is my little booty being glued to the couch.  But you can be sure that as soon as I’m well enough to unstick myself from my these cushions, I’ll be at the bank transferring enough moo-la into my account to make the purchase of this cherry-zipped pouch a possibility…online shopping is DEFINITELY a major side effect of being immobilized by surgery for two reasons:  you’ve got all the free time in the world to surf through the bag selection of 6 juuust a few different websites, and you feel a certain sense of  self pity that can only be cured with something involving buttery new leather.

falling for foley+corinna

Do you ever find yourself scouring the internet on a wild goose chase for something?  Whether it be information, an item, a product, a book…the internet seems to have an endless supply of STUFF.  Until it doesn’t.  My embarrassingly extensive search for what has been my dream bag since my sophomore year of high school has proved that once a certain style/color bag has been sold out, it’s really gone.  Despite the fact that the internet can supply you with a plethora of pictures and false hope (can’t tell you how many time I excitedly clicked a new link expecting to uncover a hidden website where the bag had been waiting for me at 40% off), once it’s sold out that’s that.  Sad, yes.

It also turns out I’m one of those people that cannot change their mind when it comes to bag color.  As much as I loooove the design of foley+corinna’s mid city tote (the handles, the extra strap that folds the bag in half converting the shape entirely?! YES PLEASE), the maple color is has seduced me into a stupor I don’t see myself escaping anytime soon.  So until the days of smell-evision and magically converting internet photos into actual molecular matter, I’ll just have to dream.