brimfield flea

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I can never turn down a good treasure hunt through one of the world’s largest and most diverse outdoor flea markets.  Vintage cameras, colorful maps, furniture to fit any home, hats galore, pretty suitcases, globes of all shapes and sizes, racks upon racks of clothing…all filled with stories of their past lives.  From a young age I’ve been trained to appreciate the beauty in purchasing antiques.  Repurposing vintage finds brings new life to the otherwise forgotten relics.  I mean, as the experts say, it’s just “so smart”!

When I saw that pearly white romantic tutu pictured above I knew I had to snap a shot of it.  In retrospect, my mom’s suggestion that it was a sign of some impending good news (which I received last night) seems pretty spot on.  Ps- any of my dance friends notice those mukluk booties?  I’m telling you, flea markets really do have it all…


here’s a little sneaky peeky at my backyard update: part one!

yes, it’s in its very early stages, but I can already picture this little space all full of flowers and twinkling lights come time for the season’s first garden party.  monday afternoon, the roommie and I threw on our sweats, grabbed a couple paintbrushes, and got to work.  a few extension cords and umbrella-set-up-how-to’s later, we were left with flower soil under our nails and that satisfying feeling of a job well done.  more updates to follow!