forest lights

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Last weekend, a group of friends and I headed up to Acadia National Park in Maine for a little camping adventure before work begins and reality takes its firm grip once more.  We really lucked out with our timing, since September is technically off-season for the park, but our weather has been having a hard time saying goodbye to summer.  We had the whole campsite to ourselves, which meant there was plenty of opportunities for “zen wheelbarrowing”, telling inappropriate loud jokes by the fire, and early morning jogs through the woods for one of our campers, who was super chilly without a sleeping bag that first night.

Although we climbed (scaled) some of the tallest mountains I’ve ever hiked (ran) up, bringing me one step closer to mastering that fear of heights, standing at the top of Bumblebee Mountain was not the most notable moment of the trip for me.  On our first night in Acadia, we, rather randomly, decided to walk over to the seawall and do some stargazing, all 7 of us.  As we shifted our backs around on the bumpy rocks, looking for a place to nestle our heads, Kevin noticed a bright light on the horizon.  We sat up and the light rose with us, as if craning it’s big eyes over the ocean to get a look at us.  No one spoke.   The light grew wider, inching up out of the ocean a bit further, and altogether, silently, we all realized what we were seeing, though I’m not sure any of us believed our eyes.   Could we really be witnessing a moonrise in Acadia?  The just slightly waning moon revealed more of its face to us, with eyes now peeking out behind the sparkling black cloak of the sea.  The more the moon appeared, the faster it rose, as if gaining its confidence from our wide-eyed awe.  When it finally cut its ties with it’s reflected twin in the water and hung freely among the stars, we all started breathing again.

That accidental moonrise viewing, over the ocean in the completely clear-save-the-stars sky over Acadia, with 6 of my best friends, is an experience I will cherish forever.  Just 4 minutes of pure natural beauty, a serendipitous gift from the universe, just for us.


le jardin du luxembourg

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Last night, Tegan, Galen and I ventured into the Latin Quartier in search of some sort of yummy hidden gem of a restaurant we were convinced must exist there, you know, down some quiet little rue or something.  After several metro changes and our first trip on the RER, we finally made it to Luxembourg, where our savvy travel efforts were rewarded with one of Paris’ most grandiose sights: Le Jardin du Luxembourg.

Located in the 6th Arrondissement, le Jardin du Luxembourg is the second largest public park in all of Paris.  It’s bright flowers, manicured trees and romantic fountains decorate the “front lawn” of the palace of Luxembourg, which currently houses the French Senate.  There is also an adorable little coffee/crepe/candy stand on the grounds that is worth checking out if you ever find yourself hanging out in Luxembourg.

After ogling the gorgeous gardens and getting a bit lost in the concept of time and religion (Deep, deep conversations happening here in Paris, people. We are very scholarly.  Be proud.), the three of us wandered into town to locate the cozy little french restaurant from our imaginations…

…and find it we did!  For the reasonable price of 19 euros each, we were all able to order un entree et un main plat.  After some consideration, I decided on the smoked salmon/crème fraîche appetizer (OMG) and the pork/stewed apples/roasted potatoes main course.  Washed down, of course, with my first class of Parisian rosé- which was delicious.  It was our first “fancy” dinner out in France, and what a wonderful experience it was!  Anyone want a little peek at le saumon fumé?photo

Jealous?  You should be.  In the background is Tegan’s smoked duck (which I braved a taste of and actually enjoyed) and not pictured is Galen’s escargot- which was divine!

lazy sunday

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday done right.  The roommie and I went for a long walk down Blackstone Boulevard (where the daisies are plentiful), headed to Slater Park for some pistachios/sunbathing/magazine perusing, came home for refreshing homemade lemonade-seltzers (1/2 San Pelligrino, 1/2 lemonade- perfect quencher on a hot summer day), then feasted on a delicious dinner of avocado chicken salads (recipe coming soon), paired with a few Miller Lights that were left in our fridge as little gifts by a recently 21-year-old friend (happy birthday to Will!).  Or at least we accepted them as gifts- it is the champagne of beer, after all- very festive.  I’d say it was a successfully enjoyable, if not productive, Sunday.  I’m a firm believer in the lazy Sunday, especially since today has been all ballet class, homework, and apartment hunting, with class at PC looming in the later hours.  I’ll be giving my first semi-prepared speech of the class tonight- eek!  Public speaking is intimidating bizzz….wish me luck!

Hope you’re making it through Monday, xo


Just a few instagrams from yesterday’s prospect park picnic…the weather was gorgeous and we ate veggies and dip and lounged under the maple trees all afternoon.  Tegan was looking so fresh in her linen shirt and straw hat I couldn’t resist documenting.  When a day consists of ballet class, manicures, and a picnic in the park, there’s no need to argue; It’s a good day.  Prospect Park sits at the crest of a hill on the east side of Providence, looking out over downtown and providing an amazing view of the state capital (pictured above).  If you’re ever visiting Providence, I highly recommend seeking out prospect park at sunset- what a view.

PS- yes, you read right, I did say BALLET CLASS! I have officially taken my first (slightly modified) ballet class since the surgery and the little Franken-toe is doing great!  Thanks for the good vibes you’ve all been sending my way :)