the shoes of a lifetime.

Some little girls dream of their wedding day, others their first car, but when I was a young tot it was all about the shoes (still is, for the record).  

I have always been very in tune with my feet.  From the hourly removal of my shoes with the purpose of readjusting my socks (ensuring proper seam placement, of course, don’t all 2-year-olds do that?), to the daily wrapping of each toe every day in the ballet studio, I’ve always been up close and personal with those stinkers.  So it follows suit that as a child I imagined what it would be like to someday adorn those feet I know so well with a pair of true “big girl shoes”.  You know, the ones that beautifully fancy heroine would wear in a good romcom.  Which brings me to the above pictured glory shoes.

There is just something about black leather peep-toe stilettos.  They are sexy, classy, versatile, chic, and will never, ever ever ever, go out of style.  So it’s a no brainer that when you find a pair of Burberry peep-toes made of buttery black leather with the perfect heel height and a nice little platform, AT THE OUTLET PRICE!, you purchase them.  There is no consideration, calculation or thinking twice.  You prance around the store in them until everyone else there starts glaring at you and you simply must take them off, place them in the box and pay for them.  Then you leave the store, come home, reverse the boxing process and strut around your apartment in those beauties.  Because they are real, genuine, bonafide big girl heels.  And they are yours.