this week’s pinterest wish list

My pinterest boards are getting pretty clogged up, so I figured I’d share a few things that I would love to be rocking this season.  First, in a sea of pigeon-toed fashionistas donning all black outfits, this interestingly tailored wool blazer from Madewell caught my eye.  I love its unique shape and refreshing light gray color.  When these charcoal suede and leather Nike’s popped up on my pin-filled screen, I knew it was love at first sight.  Even if they only come in men’s sizes (what is up with that anyway, Nike?!), I’m still picturing them with skinny jeans and a varsity jacket.  Next up, a few Free People items- surprise, surprise.  This embellished peterpan collar sweater is to die for, no?  And if anyone is searching for that perfect leather jacket, FP’s black motorcycle jacket has come to save the day (plus it’s actually vegan “leather”…animal friendly- yay!).  Last but not least, I’ve been lusting after Ariel Gordon’s initial necklaces ever since spotting them on Pinterest some time ago.  They are delicate, dainty, and adorable…need I say more?

sunday funday

Yesterday looked like this…

There was much admiring of our “Anthropologie dining room” at an all-girls Sunday breakfast (loaded eggs, turkey bacon and cinnamon raison toast anyone?), a trip to the real Anthropologie (bought the cutest tank top/teeny candle on sale!), a stroll down Thayer Street to admire the blue sky and fall colors, and quite a bit of excitement over our new “Pinteresty bathroom” set up (that adorable toothbrush holder was about $5 at Anthro!).  Sometimes I think Sunday should be called Relax, Eat, and Pretend you live inside Pinterest- Day.  On that note, I’ll leave you with this…

what i wish i were eating.

what i wish i were wearing.

what i wish i were making.

sleeping to dream about you

After spending a significant amount of time in my pajamas yesterday (thank you, Sunday and no obligations!), I realized it might be nice to own a set of “fairly distinguished” (to quote myself) pj’s.  As I sat there in my oversized Labonte’s Auto School graduate tee and boxers I thought, “What if someone were to knock on my door right now?  Someone delivering a package- flowers from a secret admirer perhaps- would I really want to them to see me like this?”  The answer, my friends, turned out to be, I-don’t-actually-care-one-ioda-if-anyone-sees-me-in-these-pj’s-HOWEVER, how nice would it be to feel like a fancy shmancy who’s who each time I crawl under the covers?  Especially the sleepwear pictured above (discovered on pinterest- follow me here!), which is made entirely of jersey material.  I love jersey material.  So soft and stretchy, it’s the perfect pj material.  On net-a-porter, the eberjey ‘gisele’ stretch-jersey pajama set description reads “exactly what you want to slip into after a long day at the office”…alright, so maybe I’m not a shmancy business woman, but I sure do envy those who come home from a taxing day at the ol’ cubicle and slip these puppies on.

Target- do you sell a cheap version yet?