ballet bag

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From that baby-sized bright pink plastic duffle with the pointe shoes embroidered on the front to the stinky, ratty old sack you drag your warm-ups to rehearsal in, the ballet bag is a staple in every dancer’s life.  This is why when I found out about Nina Ricci’s new line of ballet-inspired leather totes, I knew I had to post about it.  I admit it has taken me a little while, buuuut voila!  I now present to you the magnificent collection of Nina Ricci “ballet bags”:


Glorious, aren’t they?  I’m totally coveting the soft pink one.  And I know it’s obvious, given their title and inspiration, but these things just scream sophisticated ballerina on her way to the theater to me.  There’s just something about the thin handles and long, sensual lines…j’adore.  Spot on, Nina Ricci.  You nailed it.

For more beautiful bag goodness, check out this little video created for the collection’s release by Paris-based artist duo “I Could Never Be A Dancer”:

my baby

Yep, you read that right, folks!  I have adopted a chid purchased a Givenchy bag, and since the stork Fedex dropped it off, it’s been non-stop mother/bag bonding.  Needless to say, I’m a little obsessed.  But how could I not be?  It’s roomy, soft, smells like France and fresh leather- oh, and it’s the perfect shade of caramel brown.  Well, I’m off to snuggle with my bag, do something totally normal.  Happy weekend!

Happy Early Birthday To Me!

{See by Chloé miniature crossbody}

While continuing my hunt for a new wallet, I happened upon this little number looking lonely in the sale section of Nordstrom.  The price was reduced well over 50%, so I thought to myself, “Hey, isn’t your birthday just a few days away?  Don’t you deserve a little me-gift?  Wouldn’t this teeny bag look adorable slung over your shoulder?” and then, without much more consideration a self-gift was purchased.  In an attempt to justify the purchase as a “necessary present”, I’m going to try to resist breaking it out until my actual birthday…but with its teeny baby size and sun-shaped clasp, I can already tell this is going to be a challenge!