hidden light


Sometimes you have to search for the rainbow.

There are times when the skies open up after a storm and the clouds step aside to give light to an anxious arched prism across an unwrinkled blanket of blue.  The immaculate stream of reflected luminescence makes you feel instantly brighter.  It reminds you that sometimes a rainy day produces beauty, and you notice yourself smiling.

But there are also times in which the shift in weather is less explicit.  No matter how hard that stream of color pushes its way toward you, the clouds linger overhead, muddling the view.  If you really search the sky, however, you can make out those determined little stripes.  You can find them touching down somewhere in the horizon, guiding you with their optimism, calling you forward.  Slowly, your lips part like tentative clouds and you’re flashing a half-smile.  It may not be quite as bold as what you’re used to, but it’s long-awaited, much-needed, and it feels like a dream.

I’ve been feeling a bit like a rainbow in a cloudy sky lately.  No matter how hard I try to lighten up, a new cloud comes in to push me back.  This storm has felt endless.  As the start of the season quickly approaches and the state of my fractures remains vague, I’m feeling the downpour of rain on my back more than ever.  But I’m realizing now that I can’t let this torrid weather bring me down.  Despite of my injuries, I must always find ways to smile.  Life has presented me with a persistent haziness and the perfect opportunity to find the ultimate rush.  I think it’s time I stopped searching and consider the light all around me.  Sometimes the least obvious rainbows are the most rewarding.

floating prisms

How incredible are these prism installations by Dallas-based artist Gabriel Dawes?  He created the colorful light-bending works of art for Miniartextil in Como, Italy by stringing up thousands of bright threads in intricate gradients- something Dawes in known for worldwide. I love the way this particular installation plays with the space, creating a juxtaposition between the classic architecture and the psychedelic rainbow stripes.  Creative and so breathtaking!

images via

Bright Bits

Maybe it’s the warm spring weather and longer days we’ve been having lately, but I seem to be magnetically drawn to bright rainbow hues.  In clothing, home decor, jewelry, accessories…I can help but notice these technicolor trinkets adding an extra pop to my day.  There is something to be said about the ability bright colors have to instantly change my mood.   It’s really quite impressive- I can go from mopey to mushy in the drop of a brightly colored hat!
{bright watercolor flowers add color to my calendar}
{can’t wait to debut these new super comfy shorts I scored on sale at AE}
{a bit of girly decor inspiration from Could I Have That?}
{finally tried this DIY- similar to the hex nut bracelet}
{awesome bright mixology from Song of Style}{Can you say summer DIY? multi-colored pom poms add a pop to neutral straw beach bags}
{this gorgeous Lucky Brand turquoise belt was a birthday gift from Mom.  I love the way it reflects light when hung by my bedroom window}{I love this idea- storing nail polish in a glass jar brings color to any room}{there’s an unmistakeable power in the bright statement shoe- I’m making it my prerogative to load up on a few pairs before spring really begins}