birthday {wish}list

birthday wishes

With my 22nd birthday less than a month away (when did I get so old?!), I can’t help but daydream of beautiful goodies I would kill to unwrap come February.  Today’s snowy day off from work has gifted me a slow morning filled with homemade oatmeal (thanks, T), cozy pj’s past noon, and ample couch time to….do….well….what else is there to do but compile a wishlist (emphasis on the WISH) of gorgeous things on a snow day anyway?

clockwise from top left: 2014 calendar, cashmere beanie, ballerina earrings, pj set, gucci bag, rayban sunnies, mulberry bag, marc jacobs watch

parisian purchases

Just wanted to pop in to share this photo with you…DSC01378

Above is the first purchase I made aux supermarché in Paris.  A box of cereal “barres”.  It’s the first time I’ve seen the french spelling outside the ballet studio, so I thought it would be fitting to pack these as an afternoon snack before I leave for school every day.  C’est drôle, non?  Ah, ballet humor.

Speaking of first purchases, I made my first real Parisian purchase yesterday, and suffice to say I’m obsessed.  Regardez:


Les lunettes du soleil!  I’m a huge fan of all ray-bans, and I’ve been wanting a matte plastic pair to alternate with my clubmasters for quite some time now.  When I passed by a shop with these in the window Sunday, I promised myself I would return on Monday once it was open and try them on.  After testing out pair after pair (and shamelessly modeling them all for the shop owners, of course) these ones felt the most “me”.  And I must have chosen correctly, because I wore them the entire way home and never stopped smiling.  You should’ve seen me- I was grinning ear to ear and mouthing Bonjour! to everyone I scurried past, whether they were looking at me or not.  Retail therapy really is magical…

*Sidenote: Psychedelic background in that selfy courtesy of some fantastic street art at the end of my rue.

**Sidenote to the sidenote:  While I was taking the aforementioned selfy, I spotted a man standing directly behind a tree about 100 feet away from me, facing the tree (and me).  Immediately assuming the man had been following me and was now foolishly attempting to hide behind a tiny tree so as not to be noticed, I started to freak out and plan my escape route.  However, it only took a few scary seconds to realize the man wasn’t stalking, but merely peeing on the tree instead.  Second time I’ve seen someone do this in the 3 days I’ve been here…what’s the deal?!  Is that not illegal here?!??!  #parisisstrangesometimes

summer to fall

summer to fall
One thing that I have unsuccessfully tried to find all summer long is a versatile, comfortable, chic maxi skirt.  This is one of those items that has been on my shopping list for far too many months.  You know the story, every year June rolls around and I find myself lusting after all of those gorgeous maxi skirts out there on the interwebs, but more often than not I end up reaching for the miniskirts, then all of the sudden it’s August and I force myself to exchange my maxi skirt dreams for a pair of new jeans or a nice chunky knit.  However, this year I think these ankle-dusting beauties are sticking around to watch the leaves change!  I can already see so many outfit possibilities incorporating maxi skirts into fall layers (read: leather jackets and maxi skirts play well together).  So that’s that!  I shall continue the hunt, but for now, I’ll just have some fun mixing and matching on Polyvore.
Top, $160 / Scoop neck top, $52 / Black lace shirt, $4.74 / mae scoop neck t shirt / LnA yellow maxi skirt / Grey maxi skirt / Dorothy Perkins ankle length skirt / River Island floor length skirt, $35 / Steve Madden heel sandals / Oasis ballet flat shoes, $55 / Bamboo sandals / H&M shoes, $13 / Chloé genuine leather handbag, $1,810 / Chanel shoulder handbag / Handbag / Chanel vintage bag / Kate Spade earrings / Dolce&Gabbana pearl hair accessory, $575 / Ray-Ban acetate sunglasses / House of Harlow 1960 round frame sunglasses / NARS Cosmetics lip makeup / OPI nailpolish, $17