Bunny trail

Between a friend’s birthday and Easter, there has been quite a bit of baking going on around here.  After visiting several different grocery stores to assemble the ingredients and tying on my apron, the roooommie and I tried our hand at cake pops, using spoons to shape them into eggs and melted Ghiradelli white chocolate in place of candy coating.  Although they didn’t turn out as visually pleasing as anticipated, they sure were delicious!  The tasty little morsels even got my dad’s enthusiastic seal of approval at dinner last night (which speaks volumes when you consider the “sampler platter”  he crafted in order to sample every dessert item present ;). We also baked Ina’s chocolate cupcakes  and topped them with homemade cream cheese frosting and almond M&Ms.  Then, as if all of the sugary treats weren’t enough, the Easter bunny showed up early this year- and left us some fantastic surprises!