a day in providence

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    Despite a modest 20-square-mile area, the city of Providence is so packed with destinations worth exploring, 24 hours does not come close to lending a sufficient amount of time to do, see, and taste it all.  It does, however, provide just enough time to be charmed beyond recovery.  Full disclosure: You may fall in love with this little city.  Consider yourself warned.

I also find it necessary to alert you to the fact that, Providence being the foodie mecca it is, you will be consuming an absurd amount of food during your (hypothetical) 24 hours here.  In fact, your visit to Providence will revolve mostly around incredibly delicious, alternatively prepared, farm fresh and locally-sourced food, in an extremely abundant supply.  So loosen your belt buckle a notch or two, and let’s dig in.


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the umbrella factory

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There’s a place where you can weave through bamboo stalks so tall, the tops look like tiny paintbrushes tickling the sky.

A place where you can see jewelry made of spoons, beautiful art and home furnishings, made by your neighbor.

There’s a place where you can get lost in potted plants, losing count of the rows and rows of herbs, succulents, flowers, and greens, the arched hug of a warm greenhouse guiding you from above.

There’s a place where spotted chickens roam free, and emus greet you at the gate.

A place where chairs are made of moss, and roadways- stepping stones.

There’s place where smoothies are made with just 3 ingredients and the freshest of fruits, a place where musical instruments require only the willingness to think to be played, and the teeniest of sculptures can be yours for $5.

Would you believe me if I told you this place was in little old Rhode Island?  That taking a drive out to Charlestown could make all these things true?  Well, folks, I’m not lying- and here is my proof!


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Hello all!  Just popping in before the first show (eeek!) to let you know I’ve hijacked the FBP instagram account for the  Nutcracker weekend to bring you behind-the-scene peeks into our performance.  Follow @festivalballetprovidence to see all of my posts (and apparently a little selfie action) from the wings and dressing rooms of the magnificent Providence Performing Arts Center.  Now it’s off to warm-up class! xx

lazy sunday

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday done right.  The roommie and I went for a long walk down Blackstone Boulevard (where the daisies are plentiful), headed to Slater Park for some pistachios/sunbathing/magazine perusing, came home for refreshing homemade lemonade-seltzers (1/2 San Pelligrino, 1/2 lemonade- perfect quencher on a hot summer day), then feasted on a delicious dinner of avocado chicken salads (recipe coming soon), paired with a few Miller Lights that were left in our fridge as little gifts by a recently 21-year-old friend (happy birthday to Will!).  Or at least we accepted them as gifts- it is the champagne of beer, after all- very festive.  I’d say it was a successfully enjoyable, if not productive, Sunday.  I’m a firm believer in the lazy Sunday, especially since today has been all ballet class, homework, and apartment hunting, with class at PC looming in the later hours.  I’ll be giving my first semi-prepared speech of the class tonight- eek!  Public speaking is intimidating bizzz….wish me luck!

Hope you’re making it through Monday, xo


Yesterday we went to Scarborough Beach and soaked up the sun, did a little reading oogled some lifeguards, and had some much needed girl time.  We made it back to Providence just in time to shower, change, and head to the 95.5 WBRU Free Summer Concert Series’ presentation of Grouplove at Waterplace Park.  Although it was a little loud (we were directly.next.to.the.speaker.), the vibe in the crowd was awesome.  Hannah Hooper, the female vocalist of Grouplove, even described the feeling in the audience as being “like a bunch of friends all just hanging out and having fun”.  Successful crowd atmosphere?  I’d say so.  Plus Waterplace Park is such a prime location for an outdoor concert, with the river and downtown Providence creating the backdrop.  Awesome.  Can’t wait for the next free concert!