for me, from me

I’ve been obsessing over Catbird‘s super delicate alphabet rings ever since spotting them on HonestlyWTF.  I have an old, teeny silver knot ring that never leaves my left hand (it’s lucky), and while I do have a rather impressive collection of chunkier, beautifully stone-clad, special occasion rings, I thought it might be nice for the teeny knot to have a teeny friend.  Enter this Catbird heart ring.  I toyed with the idea of purchasing initials, and decided they are better suited for girl’s sporting their significant other’s initials, don’t you think?  Much more sentimental than reminding everyone that my name begins with a “k” every time they look at my hand (although the little lowercase letters are darling).  But instead, I opted for the classic heart.  I love it SO much and can’t wait to begin a collection of these ulta-stackable wisps of rings!

(ps, yes I did opt for the free gift wrapping…I figured when you’re treating yourself, you might as well go all out, right? ;)


Yesterday, my roommate and I were feeling extra crafty, so we decided to try out some jewelry DIYs.  I made a rhinestone chain bracelet using this tutorial, a few of these delicate chain rings using my own variation of this method, and a woven bracelet using this tutorial/an old Juicy Couture de-charmed charm bracelet.  Tegan made  several different bracelets, including a blue ombré wrap bracelet, a braided/crystal button technique of her own creation, and a braided bracelet based on a metal fish she hooked from our giant collection of random gold findings (see what I did there? fish…hooked…ha, okay moving on).  We had so much fun making ourselves some brandy new bling, we’re already planning our next DIY party: experimenting with some DIY’d hairpins tonight!