lady in red

Even if you’ve never heard of my blog and all you’ve read so far is “Tutus & Stilettos”, I think this goes without saying, but obviously I’m going to say it anyway, so here goes:  I am obsessed with this editorial from October’s Vogue Russia.  Shot by the one and only Patrick Demarchelier (I have Miranda Presley calling….I have Patrick!  Devil Wears Prada anyone???), this spread features model Anna Selezneva portraying one of Russia’s infamously über strict ballet teachers, sternly pacing around a class of adorable baby ballerinas.  Don’t try warming up to this crimson queen- the blonde beauty doesn’t crack a smile throughout the entire shoot- just like a true Russian ballet instructor (and yes, I am speaking from experience).  Despite her spot-on iciness, Selezneva sizzles in each classic red piece she models, and let’s face it, everything is more fun to look at with teeny Russian prodigies in pointe shoes pirouetting and prancing around!

So, do tell, what do you think of this editorial?

mariinsky’s mogul

It’s rare that a dancer is able to achieve something so monumental that their accomplishment makes ballet history.  However, for 22-year-old Keenan Kampa, this seemingly unattainable dream has become a reality.  This summer Keenan became the very first American dancer ever to be invited to dance with the world famous Mariinsky Ballet in Russia.  Her joining the company marks a moment in ballet history that many of us in the ballet world never even considered a possibility.

Aside from Ms. Kampa’s obvious talent (I saw her as Mercedes in Boston Ballet’s Don Quixote last spring-  her technique is immaculate), she also happens to be gorgeous.  I absolutely adore the above photo of her, taken by Gene Schiavone, and the way it subtly combines ballet and fashion (something I am clearly an advocate of).  The photo has such a high fashion behind-the-scenes-of-an-editorial vibe to it, with the lights, ladder and paint cans, and I love all of the vibrant color-blocking belts wrapped around her extra long trunk.

What do you think of Keenan’s high fashion photo?  Have you ever been lucky enough to see her perform?