cherry zipped

I’m not gonna lie, I have a pretty expansive bag collection.  Slouchy hobos and clutches- I’ve got many, shoulder bags and crossbodies- even more…you want thing-a-ma-bobs?  I’ve got twenty!  Sorry, couldn’t resist…

The point issss my collection is almost* complete.  So what’s missing, you ask?  Why, a season-defying structured tote bag of course!  Enter this See by Chloé “cherry zipped” tote.  It’s pure perfection.  The only thing keeping me from ordering this little beauty is my little booty being glued to the couch.  But you can be sure that as soon as I’m well enough to unstick myself from my these cushions, I’ll be at the bank transferring enough moo-la into my account to make the purchase of this cherry-zipped pouch a possibility…online shopping is DEFINITELY a major side effect of being immobilized by surgery for two reasons:  you’ve got all the free time in the world to surf through the bag selection of 6 juuust a few different websites, and you feel a certain sense of  self pity that can only be cured with something involving buttery new leather.

Happy Early Birthday To Me!

{See by Chloé miniature crossbody}

While continuing my hunt for a new wallet, I happened upon this little number looking lonely in the sale section of Nordstrom.  The price was reduced well over 50%, so I thought to myself, “Hey, isn’t your birthday just a few days away?  Don’t you deserve a little me-gift?  Wouldn’t this teeny bag look adorable slung over your shoulder?” and then, without much more consideration a self-gift was purchased.  In an attempt to justify the purchase as a “necessary present”, I’m going to try to resist breaking it out until my actual birthday…but with its teeny baby size and sun-shaped clasp, I can already tell this is going to be a challenge!

//Fall Trend Alert//

See by Chloe  / $295

Jason Wu / $1,195

First trend alert of the new season: It’s all about embellished sweaters.  Why not ease into the chilly autumn with a cozy, yet subtly jazzed-up knit?  Can’t wait to get my paws on a cheap-o (yet expensive looking) version of one of these.  Then again, if you do have the means to afford one of the sweaters above, please do it!  The embellished sweater, with its touches of prep and lace, is one of the few classic trends that can be worn for many seasons to come.

On another note, today I’m beginning the move-to-the-East-side process!  Furniture is arriving, keys are being distributed, and I’m going to be doing some serious floor scrubbing.  Happy Tuesday, dolls!