this week’s pinterest wish list

My pinterest boards are getting pretty clogged up, so I figured I’d share a few things that I would love to be rocking this season.  First, in a sea of pigeon-toed fashionistas donning all black outfits, this interestingly tailored wool blazer from Madewell caught my eye.  I love its unique shape and refreshing light gray color.  When these charcoal suede and leather Nike’s popped up on my pin-filled screen, I knew it was love at first sight.  Even if they only come in men’s sizes (what is up with that anyway, Nike?!), I’m still picturing them with skinny jeans and a varsity jacket.  Next up, a few Free People items- surprise, surprise.  This embellished peterpan collar sweater is to die for, no?  And if anyone is searching for that perfect leather jacket, FP’s black motorcycle jacket has come to save the day (plus it’s actually vegan “leather”…animal friendly- yay!).  Last but not least, I’ve been lusting after Ariel Gordon’s initial necklaces ever since spotting them on Pinterest some time ago.  They are delicate, dainty, and adorable…need I say more?

duck walk

One of the tell-tale signs of a ballet dancer is that unmistakable “duck walk”.  Do you know what I’m talking about? That toes-to-the-sides, awkwardly-outturned-hips strut that can only be acquired through years of pliés and ponchés?  Well, now the duck walk (or at least the bunhead behind it) is entering into the world of high fashion.  It’s mode of transportation?  Why, these pointe shoe poser Chloé ballet flats, of course.

The soft leather shoes feature a square tip and a ribbon-mimicking ankle-crossing strap, both very reminiscent of the shoes that keep ballerinas like myself on our toes every day.  With an assortment of ballet themed color options, Chloé’s expert design has finally made it possible for everyone to feel like the sugar plum fairy, tiara and 32 fouettés optional.

8 things i want this autumn

Seeing as it is officially September and all, (when did that happen?!???), I thought I’d share with you 8 items I’m dreaming of adding to my closet as the air gets just a tad crisper…

  1. A high-neck, a-line, well-tailored LBD.  AKA The modern-day Audrey Hepburn dress.
  2. A fun-patterned, neutral-colored raincoat.  I walk to work.  ‘Nuff said.
  3. Sneakers that my eyes like as much as my feet do.  Dancer probs.
  4. This exact backpack.  (Or one very very similar, for picnics and adventures to museums and such.)
  5. Many, many more peplum shirts.  I’ve yet to purchase one with any form of sleeves…
  6. Ankle-strap flats.  This is such a cute detail for dresses/skirts and cropped jeans.
  7. A thin studded cuff.  To add just a touch of badass to every outfit.
  8. Patterned mini with accent pockets.  I love how the garment is small, so the pockets become the focal point.

Besides apple cider and pumpkin pie, what are you craving this fall?

the shoes of a lifetime.

Some little girls dream of their wedding day, others their first car, but when I was a young tot it was all about the shoes (still is, for the record).  

I have always been very in tune with my feet.  From the hourly removal of my shoes with the purpose of readjusting my socks (ensuring proper seam placement, of course, don’t all 2-year-olds do that?), to the daily wrapping of each toe every day in the ballet studio, I’ve always been up close and personal with those stinkers.  So it follows suit that as a child I imagined what it would be like to someday adorn those feet I know so well with a pair of true “big girl shoes”.  You know, the ones that beautifully fancy heroine would wear in a good romcom.  Which brings me to the above pictured glory shoes.

There is just something about black leather peep-toe stilettos.  They are sexy, classy, versatile, chic, and will never, ever ever ever, go out of style.  So it’s a no brainer that when you find a pair of Burberry peep-toes made of buttery black leather with the perfect heel height and a nice little platform, AT THE OUTLET PRICE!, you purchase them.  There is no consideration, calculation or thinking twice.  You prance around the store in them until everyone else there starts glaring at you and you simply must take them off, place them in the box and pay for them.  Then you leave the store, come home, reverse the boxing process and strut around your apartment in those beauties.  Because they are real, genuine, bonafide big girl heels.  And they are yours.

can i kick it?

I’ve never been one to wear sneakers.  To me, they’re constricting, sweat-prone, and should be reserved for working out.  With running sneakers deemed unacceptable for every day life and all other form of sneaks completely out of my comfort zone (chucks-a bit too middle school, high tops- perhaps if I were slightly less blonde/perky), I thought the world of laced-up rubber-soled shoesies was impenetrable. But that was before I saw these beauts on one of my favorite fashion blogs, Sincerly Jules.  They are the immaculate spawn of a Liberty x Nike union.  They somehow marry the youthful, urban look of high tops together with that bohemian Liberty look that I am so very “into”.  Plus there’s a hidden wedge built right in!  Sneaky, sneaky, sneakers.

somewhere only we know

Don’t you just love this fantasy world created by Kelly Framel (aka the glamourai) and Yves Delorme furniture?  I just want to pack up and live there in serenity with the pastel bedding, flowers, fruit, pillows and shoes.

…round of applause for:

photography: Jeremy James // art direction & styling: Kelly Framel // prop styling: Mat Sanders (Domino Magazine) // makeup: Katey Denno for FLIRT! Cosmetics // hair: Noelle Chen for Kerastase // manicure: Vanessa Washington // stylist’s assistant: Doug Wright // model: Mackenzie (One Management) // all bedding: Yves Delorme // all furniture: Mis en Demeure for Yves Delorme

Set It Up Right

Here are a few quick shots of my post-show outfit for tonight- the last UpCloseOnHope of the season!  I’ll be wearing my new Joie top (which happens to be the softest shirt I have EVER felt), my new Lucky jeans, the infamous stilt-like Kimchi Blue wedges, a Juicy Couture multi-chain chocker necklace, and a silver Tiffany’s cuff.  I’ve been loving the pajamas-in-public trend lately (see here and here), and the buttery softness of this top combined with the double chest pockets give the effect of relaxed jammie style without being quite so literal.

{The title of this post is also the title of the piece I’ll be dancing tonight.  It’s a contemporary ballet piece set to The Vitamin String Quartet’s rendition of several different Lady Gaga songs.  I know…awesome, right?}

Apartment Style

As a celebration of my second professional season with Festival Ballet, I am moving to an apartment on the East Side (hopefully within walking distance)…and I couldn’t be more excited!  To prep myself for today’s place-hunt, I’ve been scoping out adorable new ideas for bedroom organization/clutter control.  Three major areas include jewelry, clothing, and of course shoes:

While most pre-move-ers contemplate appliances, furniture and flooring, I’m spending my morning dreaming of cute little ring dishes and built-in shoe shelving (don’t you think that would greatly increase the value of any closet?).  As for clothing, I’ve already decided to switch out all of my plastic white hangers for something thinner and more chic.  I’ve toiled with the idea of an outer closet clothing rack before…I love how it can add color and inspiration to a space, but it would mean keeping things tidy 24/7…we’ll see how I’m feeling about it when it actually comes time to make the big move!  Until then, I’ll just scroll through/obsessively collect photos like these to inspire my inner-interior decorator: