jonas stroll



Just when I was giving up hope, January redeemed itself with a pretty little snowstorm.

Though hardly the blizzard we were promised, Jonas certainly worked its magic over the city.  Every skeleton tree was dusted with luminous pearls, every rail draped in crystal lavalier.  It was all quite befitting of Saturday night’s engagement, a birthday fête reflecting all that sparkles in its title alone: Champagne 2016.  Impromptu snowball fights followed.

The next morning summoned yet another round of shining, the sun bouncing up with all the levity of an April afternoon.  Of course from inside one’s cozy apartment, the only appropriate course of action would be to whip up some cornmeal pancakes (with blackberry compote, like you do) and eat them on the couch, warm mugs in hand.

So we did.IMG_7313

Post-pancakes, M and I set out to explore the sunny snow day.  We tasted alllll of the olive oils, straight from their shiny steel fustis.  We hoofed from Prospect to South Water, pondering the purpose of faux-windows while peeking through real ones, spying on table-makers and clay faces and ricotta pizzas as we passed.  We ducked behind columns and into city cul-de-sacs, down secret steps and up so many hills.  We admired the snow-covered city from up close and far away, in the glowing light of the golden hour and under a chilly, purple sunset.  We said silly things and I laughed, and laughed, and laughed…

IMG_7402…until the snow started to melt and once again that big J stared me down from atop my kitchen calendar.  You know how an enchanted snowy weekend can make the work week feel at once refreshing and melancholy?  One more week, Mr. January.  Then let’s give February a chance to make some mushy Valentine magic, okay?

thought of you

Happy Saturday!  Technically this is FBP’s “Friday” and I could not be more thrilled it has finally arrived.  Here’s a beautiful little illustration, set to one of my favorite songs by The Weepies, to start your day off right.  It’s a very snowy morning in Providence, and I’d love nothing more than to snuggle on the couch with my best friend, a cup of tea and banana oat cookies watching this video on repeat, but the studio awaits…have a wonderful weekend!


PS, if you’re in the RI/MA area and want to check out Time vs. Money on a big screen, you’re in luck.  It’s been nominated for an award and is enjoying its big screen debut this Sunday:

Time vs. Money – Shaun Clarke |  Music by The Bynars
Time and money rule our lives, but what is actually holding things together?  Time and money don’t hold things together… those are concepts created by man.  What is actually holding things together is love. The video features dancers, Kirsten Evans & Alex Lantz, with choreography by Viktor Plotnikov.

Pretty kewl!

muddy paws and pink mountains

DSC03736DSC03678DSC03673DSC03733DSC03694photo 1DSC03672DSC03696 DSC03708DSC03693

Even through my fleece tights, leggings, and thick puffy snow pants, I could still feel the pull of 10 spirited dogs harnessed in and ready to run.  Tension pulsed from the strong shoulders of the mutts through the taunt lines, into the slats of our wooden sled  and up through my hamstrings.  These dogs love a good gallivant through the White Mountains, that much is clear.  And shouldn’t they?  With their plush coats deflecting any hint of an intruding snowflake and the blood of Iditarod racers in their veins, these dogs were- quite literally- made for this.

That first 200-foot tug on the musher’s command is still the most imprinted one in my memory.  Even with an impressively steep incline, the lofty and peaceful height of the trail and a fast downhill slope at the finish all competing for attention, that initiation pull was still my favorite.  A quick taste of release for the motley team of eager sled dogs, each with their own story and personality…it was impossible not to feed off of their energy and excitement.

Although I will admit, as we rounded out our trip and the sun began to set, the White Mountains glowed a soft pink and that view almost took over top spot as best moment of the day.  New Hampshire’s landscapes are truly some of the most beautiful in the country, and enlisting in a sled ride is one of the best ways to view them.  If you ever find yourself in need of a relaxing retreat, check out Muddy Paws dog kennel.  Their staff is cool, knowledgeable, and care for each of the 140 dogs like they are the only pup in the place.  It’s a great experience, an incredible gift (just ask my boyfriend), and *bonus* the kennel is entirely non-profit, meaning all proceeds to go caring for the dogs.  If that doesn’t make you feel all warm and cozy, try some hot cocoa by the fireplace in your cozy NH cabin ;)  This President’y Weekend getaway was one for the books.

the first snow

Last night the first snowfall decided to grace us early.  The weather here in New England has been pretty crazy lately (but then again, isn’t it always?), from a hurricane to a Nor’easter with a mini blizzard mixing up in there somewhere.  I’m no meteorologist, but I’d say these past few weeks could be a little preview of what’s to come this winter.  So batten down the hatches kids!  It’s going to be an eventful season!  Some images to keep you toasty during this frigid, blustery, SNOWY day:images via here & here.