a little love letter i carry with me

Powder blue and pale pink- not just for babies anymore!  This spring, the pretty pastels have been floating around the internet so much, my desktop “spring inspiration” folder is overflowing.  To lighten the load, I decided to create a collage of my favorite photos incorporating the light, springy hues.  From delicate lingerie to studded iPhone cases to pastel pouts,  I’m officially on a pastel blue and pink kick!

She’s always buzzing just like neon

Has anyone else noticed this cheery neon green-yellowy color taking over the color wheel lately?  Whether it be with a traffic-halting gown or a subtle peek at a glowing bra strap, neon green is this spring’s color trend.  To give the trend my own spin, I would do one of two things: pair a statement piece of neon clothing with light neutrals like white or blush to tone it down a bit, or mix bright neon accent pieces with springy pastels like a pale pink hair accessory, eggshell blue jewelry, or soft purple nail polish.

What do you think of the neon color trend?  How would you wear it?