my favorite kind of weekend

Are you guys getting tired of my sunset pictures of Shorts Sands beach yet?  I really hope not.  Because this is one view I will never get sick of.  My favorite kind of weekend begins with a day at the beach (preferably with a delicious NY state peach), is followed by lounging by the pool and pie and thumbprint cookie baking, and rounds off with a quick trip to the most relaxing little town in New England.  York Beach.  It’s quaint, it’s cute, it’s beachy, warm, happy, calm…there’s seafood and happy hour and fresh tomato and mozzarella salads…there are boat rides and movie nights and long walks to the lighthouse…it’s my favorite place to fall asleep at night and I can’t help but smile when the first thing I see in the morning is the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s safe to say this location will have a special little place in my heart for the rest of my life.  I mean who wouldn’t love a place where the basil plants are nearly the size of small trees?!

This particular weekend happened to be my dad’s 55th birthday (happy birthday, wabs!), which of course required desserts of many varieties, singing, family, presents, and even fireworks! (Okay, maybe they weren’t exactly for his birthday, but they happen to light them off of a barge in the middle of the water, directly outside our house!  The rocking chairs on our porch could not be better seats.)

We also took the little boat tour from Perkin’s Cove, Ogunquit into York, past our house and around the Nubble Lighthouse.  Safe to say my mom and I definitely got a little seasick, but visiting the adorable Perkin’s Cove made it all worthwhile.  I thought the “Buoys” and “Gulls” bathroom signs were too funny not to document.

I hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as me!  And if you’re anywhere near New England and ever have the chance to visit York Beach, I (obviously) highly recommend you do.

The birthday boy himself, on our Perkin’s Cove boatride…always posing!

nantucket island: part II

A few more photos (some stolen from Tegan and Melissa) to give you another inside peek at my trip to Nantucket.  The three of us had so much fun shopping around and dressy up all fancy dancy.  Melissa’s awesome job at the Jack Wills in Newport hooked us up with the super down-to-earth and friendly Nantucket staff, one of whom was nice enough to craft this, er, artistic treasure map of the island for our last day there.  He sent us on a journey to all kinds of cool secret places around Nantucket, including the Lily Pond, a hidden nature reserve, the delicious Tacos Tacos, a “happy place”, and of course (one of my personal favorites) the secret candy store, which is hidden in the back of another store (I won’t say which one!) and is run by adorable little kids.  Lindt truffles and sour peaches anyone?  It’s funny how even though he’s from Great Britain (all of the Jack Wills seasonaires are, don’t even get me started on the accents, that would be awhooolenother post), he has this Massachusetts island completely dialed in.  Lucky for us!

As if roaming around the island on our own private treasure hunt wasn’t awesome enough, we even got prizes at the end.  That’s right, our very own Jack Wills party pants- Nantucket edition!  Tegan and I had some fun with our Newport party pants on the ferry ride over, and decided to bookend the trip by doing the same with our new Nantucket digs…I know, we’re super goofy.  People were staring.  Oops.  We’re not sorry.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip, shared with the most fabulous of friends.  :)

the summer of…

For some reason, I have this strange way of categorizing each passing season according to what I was most “into” at that time. This can span from trends, to music, to books…anything really.  I never quite noticed this strange habit until my roommate recently said, “This is the summer of Flowerbomb and Jason Mraz.”  That’s when it really hit me.  I realized I can look back on my past and recall the summer of McDonald’s vanilla cones or the winter of Special K Fruit & Yogurt and Burberry Brit (yes, most of these categories do revolve around food).  So, without further ado, I give you this summer, the summer of…viktor&rolf flowerbomb perfume that I’ve yet to cave and purchase (thank goodness for Nordstrom’s free samples)embellished friendship bracelets like these I spotted at anthrothese amazingly comfortable and also bracelet-worthy hair tieswanded hair.  enough said.pastel pink nailsmy givenchy bag.  really, need I say more here?froyo world. maybe I should be ashamed of how many times I’ve waited in that long line. but I’ m just not.

The Civil Wars.  I just keep hitting repe(pe, pe, pe)peat.  The key is to watch them while they perform.  Magical.denim shirt(sssssss).  I have a mildly dangerous obsession.  can’t stop buying them.  no matter “how hard I try”…it’s been a real struggle, let me tell you.

Jason Mraz’s “You F*ckn Did It”. This song is just too good. LISTEN. please?

watching the tide roll away

On Saturday, Tegan and I travelled out to Jamestown for a day of sun, dock jumping, boats, and badmitten.  If you’ve never been to Jamestown, RI, GO.  It’s an absolutely beautiful town full of gorgeous nautical houses and sailboats.  To me, it’s little coastal towns like these that define Rhode Island summer living.  Pure.  Bliss.


Today, Tegan and I hoofed it to the Hope Street Farmer’s Market (this is becoming a Saturday morning tradition), where we picked up some gigantor tomatoes, an assortment of pretty wild flowers, and some RI fresh applesauce.  We tasted the local artisan cheeses and Providence granola, listen to this week’s musical selection (a blue grass band comprised of cool ex-hippies) and got our fill of people-watching.  Already excited for next weekend!


Yesterday we went to Scarborough Beach and soaked up the sun, did a little reading oogled some lifeguards, and had some much needed girl time.  We made it back to Providence just in time to shower, change, and head to the 95.5 WBRU Free Summer Concert Series’ presentation of Grouplove at Waterplace Park.  Although it was a little loud (we were, the vibe in the crowd was awesome.  Hannah Hooper, the female vocalist of Grouplove, even described the feeling in the audience as being “like a bunch of friends all just hanging out and having fun”.  Successful crowd atmosphere?  I’d say so.  Plus Waterplace Park is such a prime location for an outdoor concert, with the river and downtown Providence creating the backdrop.  Awesome.  Can’t wait for the next free concert!


Just a few instagrams from yesterday’s prospect park picnic…the weather was gorgeous and we ate veggies and dip and lounged under the maple trees all afternoon.  Tegan was looking so fresh in her linen shirt and straw hat I couldn’t resist documenting.  When a day consists of ballet class, manicures, and a picnic in the park, there’s no need to argue; It’s a good day.  Prospect Park sits at the crest of a hill on the east side of Providence, looking out over downtown and providing an amazing view of the state capital (pictured above).  If you’re ever visiting Providence, I highly recommend seeking out prospect park at sunset- what a view.

PS- yes, you read right, I did say BALLET CLASS! I have officially taken my first (slightly modified) ballet class since the surgery and the little Franken-toe is doing great!  Thanks for the good vibes you’ve all been sending my way :)

a backyard picnic

Hors d’euorvers, pretty table clothes, wine, cheese, candles, and friends.  This is summer.

On Friday night, the roommie and I invited our best girlfriends over to celebrate the fact that we are all in one place for the first time all summer.  It was such a fun night spent being fancy with our wine glasses and delicious dips (I made an awesome Mediterranean dip- recipe post coming soon)  and repeatedly commenting on how awesome it was to all be together again.  I love my friends.  They are pretty awesome. :)

Have a productive and stress-free Monday, chickens!

ps- I have a doctor’s appointment this morning for the little toe, everyone send your good vibes this way!

good morning

This is not a bad view to wake up to in the morning.  There’s something about hearing the waves, smelling the blueberry pancakes, and feeling the salty air on your face before opening your eyes that sets the tone for a relaxing summer day.  And then you open your eyes.  And it’s calm blue water as far as you can see.  Say it with me now, ahhh.  Happy Tuesday, lovelies!