performance weekends, a photo diary

What I look like the morning before a show:photoBedhead and derp face.

What I look like during a show:afterlightFeigned confidence in aforementioned unnecessary 2 piece.

And what I look like currently, the morning after a show:afterlightSunday morning in bed brought to you by men’s socks, bruised knees, lemony tea, and Lena Dunham.


Happy No-Pants Sunday, all.



all photos via my instagram.

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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you know how much I love Providence and its neighborhood events.  Providence is one of those cities that pretends to not be hipster, but then hosts things like Cyclovia, shutting down main streets to grant bikers a car-free passage.  I mean, not every city cares about things like allowing the biking community to grow and encouraging the youngest of cyclists to hone their skills in a safe environment…pretty cool of you, Pvd.  And what better way to spread the earthy crunchy granola go-green mission of our lovely little community than with a Sunday celebration?  Live music, arts and crafts, food trucks (Alex’s bacon-wrapped meatloaf sandwich from the Wurst Kitchen, I love you), and free DIY trail mix stations courtesy of our local Whole Foods…I couldn’t keep myself away if I tried.  Seriously, if you like random weekend block parties and you’ve never visited Providence, you should proooobably get your priorities in order.

Ps- how adorable are my niece’s little ballerina socks?!  I can’t even handle it.

PPs- the fact that the live music included what appeared to be an elderly Jewish man singing songs in Hebrew and accompanying himself on some sort of ukelele, and a band of seriously rocking 40-somethings just makes me love this town that much more.

sweet berry farm

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As I mentioned before, a few girlfriends and I visited Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown, RI over the weekend for some early fall apple picking.  It’s been (quite) a few years since I’ve carved out enough time to stop in at an orchard during those notoriously busy autumn months, but Sunday afternoon’s amazing weather presented the perfect opportunity.  After about two minutes of frolicking through the rows of ripe red fruits, the sweet memories of picking apples with my family as a child came flooding back to me: searching through the leafy branches for the most plump and perfectly round ones, plucking them down, shining them up and gently piling each one into the paper bag- careful not to bruise any.  The girls and I gathered up a whole peck of apples (I’m seeing some applesauce in my future) before heading into Sweetberry’s country store and trying out some of their other delicious treats (edamame hummus, I’m talking about you).  What a lovely way to celebrate the start of a new season!

flea on the canal


You could say I dove head first into Providence’s “local spirit” this past weekend…

After the farmer’s market and Summit Music Festival on Saturday, I decided to fully embrace the city’s community events by enjoying a little brunch at Three Sisters then checking out the South Water Street Sunday flea market for the first time ever.  Between the laser-cut wooden earrings and impressive line-up of food trucks, all I’m left wondering is where has this thing been my entire summer?!  I had such a blast sifting through racks upon racks of vintage clothing (the Coast to Coast vintage mobile shop has the BEST collection), sharing a fresh tropical smoothie with zee boyfriend, and people watching in one of downtown’s most underrated locations.  I cannot believe I’ve never attended this artsy haven before.  Officially SOLD.