Front Row

I’m sure you’ve already heard about this fantastic collaboration, but if you haven’t, be prepared to have your mind blown.  Mary-Kate Olsen + Ashley Olsen + Blake Mycoskie= Fabulous shoes.  The young celebrity designers behind The Row have teamed up TOMS creator, Mycoskie to produce a brand new, totally rule-breaking collection.  After sneaking a little peek-a-boo at The Row’s Fall 2011 runway…

…it’s no surprise that when MK & A got their designer-ring adorned paws on the signature TOMS slip-ons we all know and love, a slightly more structured, sensible, lady-like design was the result.  Breaking from the usual casual canvas or linen flat, these new TOMS are entirely cashmere and Italian wool.  Trés luxe- but what else would you expect from the Olsen twins.  I’m holding the ritzy fabrics and heavy-weight designer name accountable for the steep price tag ($140-$150 a pair), but considered the multi-occasional wear built into them, buying a pair seems like a smart investment.  Right?  These young fashion brilliantes have done it again- transforming our dependable summertime sneaks into a fall staple.  Incredible.  Bravo.  Out of the three drool-worthy styles,  the ‘Hayden Classics’ are giving me the strongest withering puppy-dog eyes.

Which pair is your favorite?