the color of the season

Happy October 1st, everyone!  I’d like to start off the year’s spookiest month with a little discussion about this season’s most gruesome new hue: oxblood.  Also known as maroon/burgundy amongst the squeamish, this deep brownish red is EVERYWHERE right now.  From blazers to sneakers, oxblood is coating the fashion industry with a thick layer of its rich hue, bringing an element of drama to everything it touches.  As for me, I’d like to try out the trend with some oxblood tinted jeans or maybe even a burgundy felt hat?  How would you wear fall’s most popular color?

flower power

I was feeling pretty groovy in this flower power top from H&M today.  There’s something about the juxtaposition of the retrograde pattern on such a crisp silhouette that just radiates cool.  H&M, you’ve done it once again, providing trendy, uniquely current pieces that have true staying power.  Which means I can rock the flower power without feeling like I just raided Marcia Brady’s closet…score.

scenes from nyfw

Just a few of my favorite detail shots from New York Fashion Week, courtesy of Jak & Jil.  I love the retro vibe in the first photo of the girl in all blue, and how amazing are those gingham slingbacks?!  Then there is Olivia Palermo, who can do no wrong.  Gorgeous.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous week!  I am so happy to be back at work, but my bruised toenails would probably beg to differ…

cashmere and chai

{yoon sweater, free people tunic, frye sandals, marc jacobs crossbody, ray-ban clubmasters}

It is reeeaallly feeling like fall here in Providence!  I must say, as much as I love warm weather and tank tops, I cannot help but miss my cozy sweaters and knee-high boots during those sweaty summer months.  Today I “bundled up” with this ultra soft cashmere cropped sweater by Yoon (last seen here) thrown over my favorite Free People tunic.  Honestly, this dress was without a doubt my most frequently worn item of this summer- I swear I just kept reaching for it over and over, and it never got old.  I can’t wait to bring it into fall with boots, jackets, sweaters, and heels.  Of course the vanilla chai is a mandatory accessory!

What makes you excited for fall?

newbury stroll

After dropping off Melissa at the airport to embark on her Roman adventure, the roommie and I decided to stick around Boston for an impromptu stroll around the city.  We ended up walking up and down Newbury street and doing some fantastic bargain hunting.  I fell hopelessly in love with this “brushstroke” clutch at Kate Spade, but alas had to grit my teeth, take a deep breath and walk on by its high price tag.  Instead, I scoured a few basement blowout sales and  came home with a Free People shirt AND dress for $50, and an adorable top from Zara that cost me a mere $20.  Cha-chiiiing!  Here’s a peek at the Zara find:

I’m pretty in love with this shirt  It’s got a very ‘now’ peplum silhouette, and the sheerness of the lace and be turned up or toned down by implementing different undergarments for various occasions.  I’m already picturing it with faded red cropped jeans and boots for day and a tight, black knee-length pencil skirt and pumps for night.  Can’t wait to bust it out!

summer to fall

summer to fall
One thing that I have unsuccessfully tried to find all summer long is a versatile, comfortable, chic maxi skirt.  This is one of those items that has been on my shopping list for far too many months.  You know the story, every year June rolls around and I find myself lusting after all of those gorgeous maxi skirts out there on the interwebs, but more often than not I end up reaching for the miniskirts, then all of the sudden it’s August and I force myself to exchange my maxi skirt dreams for a pair of new jeans or a nice chunky knit.  However, this year I think these ankle-dusting beauties are sticking around to watch the leaves change!  I can already see so many outfit possibilities incorporating maxi skirts into fall layers (read: leather jackets and maxi skirts play well together).  So that’s that!  I shall continue the hunt, but for now, I’ll just have some fun mixing and matching on Polyvore.
Top, $160 / Scoop neck top, $52 / Black lace shirt, $4.74 / mae scoop neck t shirt / LnA yellow maxi skirt / Grey maxi skirt / Dorothy Perkins ankle length skirt / River Island floor length skirt, $35 / Steve Madden heel sandals / Oasis ballet flat shoes, $55 / Bamboo sandals / H&M shoes, $13 / Chloé genuine leather handbag, $1,810 / Chanel shoulder handbag / Handbag / Chanel vintage bag / Kate Spade earrings / Dolce&Gabbana pearl hair accessory, $575 / Ray-Ban acetate sunglasses / House of Harlow 1960 round frame sunglasses / NARS Cosmetics lip makeup / OPI nailpolish, $17

outfit envy

Hey everyone!  It’s Thursday and I finally finished my 5-week summer class at Providence College last night (WOO), so you know what that means?!  It’s time for an outfit envy post!  Actually, I’m not sure how those two events correlate whatsoever, but here’s some lust-worthy outfit inspiration anyway…
Ashley Olsen doing it up right in a buttoned down button down and black skinnies.  Awesome giant gold watch, too!Good Ol’ Miley in high shwaisted denim shorts and a cropped black sleeveless top.  Love the bag also…I love how this girl made red the neutral and white the standout color in her outfit.  Genius.This girl has got it all right: blazer, long white tee and leggings.  Comfy, stylish, casual, put together.  It’s alllllll going on.  And her accessories are perfection.  Outfit envy indeed.

the summer of…

For some reason, I have this strange way of categorizing each passing season according to what I was most “into” at that time. This can span from trends, to music, to books…anything really.  I never quite noticed this strange habit until my roommate recently said, “This is the summer of Flowerbomb and Jason Mraz.”  That’s when it really hit me.  I realized I can look back on my past and recall the summer of McDonald’s vanilla cones or the winter of Special K Fruit & Yogurt and Burberry Brit (yes, most of these categories do revolve around food).  So, without further ado, I give you this summer, the summer of…viktor&rolf flowerbomb perfume that I’ve yet to cave and purchase (thank goodness for Nordstrom’s free samples)embellished friendship bracelets like these I spotted at anthrothese amazingly comfortable and also bracelet-worthy hair tieswanded hair.  enough said.pastel pink nailsmy givenchy bag.  really, need I say more here?froyo world. maybe I should be ashamed of how many times I’ve waited in that long line. but I’ m just not.

The Civil Wars.  I just keep hitting repe(pe, pe, pe)peat.  The key is to watch them while they perform.  Magical.denim shirt(sssssss).  I have a mildly dangerous obsession.  can’t stop buying them.  no matter “how hard I try”…it’s been a real struggle, let me tell you.

Jason Mraz’s “You F*ckn Did It”. This song is just too good. LISTEN. please?


Okay, it’s time for me to stop skirting around the issue……       (ha. ha.)…I used to dash away any possibility of my maxi-skirt-ability.  UNTIL NOW.  I have recently become  obsessed with the idea of sporting one of these floor length babies.  It’s the perfect outfit component for a breezier summer day, and so easy to adjust for night!  And what I love about the maxi skirt is it’s all about how you style it.  Now onto the photo inspiration…

{blush colored}
{bright + tight}{red + tapered}

What do you think of the maxi skirt trend?  How would you wear it?

armswag: arm candy edition

(hair tie from Wink, sparkle wrap bracelet aso from Wink, David Yurman cuff, evil eye seed bead bracelet from April Daze, Leif beaded bracelet, friendship bracelet made by moi, Alex & Ani anchor bracelet, birthday present from my besties)

I feel that this round of armswag requires a little explanation.  You see, it’s not every day I coat my wrist in obnoxiously bright and sparkly bracelets…my outfit was as follows: white button down, white shorts, denim shirt.  Blah, blah, neutral, blah.  So I jazzed it up with an arm party that couldNOT be ignored.