Vous voir bientôt, Providence!


Today is the day!  In just a few short hours, I will be boarding a plane to New York, then from there it’s off to little old Paris!  I can’t wait for this adventure to finally begin.  Check back for updates on what I’m seeing, smelling, eating, drinking, buying, and exploring!  Au revoir for now!

(image via my instagram, @keeksevans, follow for parisian pictures!)

florida photo diary

I went instagram-WILD on my trip to Florida last week!  Between daily beach time, two art openings, a ballet class taught by my very own roommie, several delicious meals (including homemade dumplings), numerous cocktails, and an awesome gourmet pizza party, there was a lot to document.  Though I thoroughly enjoyed my time down south, all good things do come to an end and I’m happy to be home in the dry, cooler surprisingly humid weather of Providence!