blue beauties

Today, we had the pleasure of trying on some gorgeous midnight blue tutus for next week’s gala performance.  Borrowed from Boston Ballet, these dazzlers are very special and ours for one night only!  I must say, this may be one of the most elaborate tutus I’ve ever worn.  It’s frosted in metallic trimmings, glittering rhinestones and delicate lace…all in the most satisfyingly rich combination of black and blue.  Now I’m really starting to get excited for the first performance of the season!  Eeeeek!


Today is rainy and cold in York Beach, and it’s left me sitting in bed delving far too deep into the mysteriously expansive depths of the interwebs.  And what have I found, you ask?  Why, a trove of old ballet photos of myself I never knew existed! Needless to say, it’s making me miss my pointe shoes, my friends, the studio and that ballet body that is quickly disappearing (seriously abs, where did you go?!).  Unearthing these oldie pictures (most of which were taken in the summer of 2010) is making the sting of my temporary ballet ban even more poignant.  :(  I just have to remember, it’s for the best!  Please everyone send your good vibes over to my stitched up baby toe!  On that note, I leave you with these ghosts of summer ballet intensives past…

one week to go!

What happens when you are performing Swan Lake in a week?  CVS steals your entire paycheck!  Get ready for a series of posts chronicling final studio rehearsals, theater week and the performance weekend…starting with a few rehearsal shots from this week:

Well, I’m off to (more) rehearsal!  Happy Friday, folks!