cinderesearch: julie andrews in 1957

Julie Andrews As 'Cinderella'


Is Julie Andrews not the most wonderful, talented, awe-inspiring human? While as a child I fell in love with her as Mary Poppins and Fraulien Maria, her interpretation of Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella for the 1957 CBS special is actually a newfound love of mine. Andrews’ portrayal is genuine, her voice exquisite, and her graceful smile utterly charming. Just before the clock strikes midnight, she gazes into the face of her Prince in seeming disbelief at the existence of such perfect love. It’s truly superb acting. Now excuse me while I fangirl and study…


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The combination of ballet and visual art always makes me giddy,  so when I spotted Chilean artist Jose Romussi‘s collection of embroidered vintage ballerinas, I knew I had to share.  With an acute attention to detail my OCD brain truly appreciates, Romussi gives these old school dancers some cool new threads (see what I did there? har, har) in a series of psychedelic shades to create these super playful portraits.  I love the way the wispy embroidered lines mimic the featherlight tutus and sort of electrify them.  It’s like that scene in The Wizard of Oz after the tornado, where everything goes from black and white to technicolor…you don’t realize that the world is dull until right before your very eyes, everything is made vivid. 


You can’t help but fall in love with Liz Cherkasova’s Los Angeles apartment.  Full of vintage and second-hand finds, the space emulates a quirky, yet calm and lived-in vibe.  I love the antique chair (which she refurbished and painted herself) holding a few books and flowers- it’s just “so smart!”

To see more of the lovely Ms. Cherkasova, head over to her blog, Late Afternoon.

Breakfast in Bed

Ever have a hard time prying yourself out of bed in the winter?  January seems to be the month of extended vacations and couch potato days.  But, as I mentioned in my new year’s cleanse post, it is time for all the lazing around and online shopping to end!  Todays motivation: I’m on a wallet hunt!  I’ve been scouring the internet shelves for weeks and I’ve finally decided to get off my caboose and hit the stores!  Wish me luck!