a hair story

Two years ago when I started writing this blog, I had recently chopped 7 inches off my hair.  You could say it was an act of pure hair-injustice.  The crime was committed under compromised emotional circumstances, and although I had been contemplating a chop for some time, I somehow chose the exact wrong day and time to acquire it.  When I was little, I was known for growing my hair down to my hips, then lopping it all off into a chin-length bob.  I was totally fearless back then.  But 2 years ago when I decided to rock a short haircut for the first time since elementary school, my fearless ways escaped me.  My hair was gone, and so was my confidence.  I just didn’t feel like me.{right after the legendary chop}{rocking the shaggy shoulder-length bob at my sister’s wedding}

That was two whole years ago.  Now here I am, long hair fully reinstated, and feeling an empirical freedom.  You see, the general thinking is that (especially in hot summer months) a long, thick mane is difficult to maintain, leaving the wearer distressed, frustrated, and likely on the sweaty side.  But in my experience, having long hair frees you.  Long locks lend themselves to styling and experimenting far more easily than their curtailed counterparts.  Enter the insane collection of hair styling inspiration I’ve compounded over the past few months…

From beach waves, to long layers, to intricate braids and literal “hair bows“, my extensive selection of hair ideas gets bigger and better every day.  And my hair just gets longer and longer too!{feeling so much more “me” with my long locks (& doing my best victoria’s secret angel impression) at the black and white gala}
{trying my hand at the whole wavy-hair thing}

Needless to say, after crying for months about the loss of my lengthy ‘do, the wise words of encouragement given to me by friends and family (who also tried to convince me that my short hair was actually a good look- I wasn’t buying it!) really do ring true: “It’s just hair, it will grow back.”  And it did.

good morning

This is not a bad view to wake up to in the morning.  There’s something about hearing the waves, smelling the blueberry pancakes, and feeling the salty air on your face before opening your eyes that sets the tone for a relaxing summer day.  And then you open your eyes.  And it’s calm blue water as far as you can see.  Say it with me now, ahhh.  Happy Tuesday, lovelies!


I’ve posted about summer makeup on the bloggie before (here), and judging by the growing collection of summery hair & beauty ideas accumulating on my Pinterest, it’s safe to say the warmer months are my favorite when it comes to the ol’ beauty routine.  First of all, come June I’ve usually worked up enough of a tan to render bronzer unnecessary…always a plus!  Secondly, I love the way facial perspiration a dewy glow illuminates my skin.  Last but certainly not least, to me there is no competition for natural, unkempt beach hair (except maybe a shiny blow dry), especially now that my hair has finally outgrown the dreadful cut I administered two summers ago!  All of these things make my summer beauty routine super easy, allowing me to experiment with new products, techniques and inspirations.  Here are some looks I’m currently coveting:soft, messy waves + black mascara + pink lipglossnatural makeup + side braidwhite liner on the inner rim + heavy pink blush + natural lipslong fishtail braidpale pink eye shadow + winged liner + peach blush + pale lipsmessy pony + sneaky braiddewy face + false eyelashes + gold eye shadow + raspberry lipslong superblond hair, natural, middle part + black eyeliner top lids + pink lipsgolden girl: gold face + gold hair + gold eye shadow + gold tinted lipspastel nails

What are your favorite beauty ideas for summer?

Weekend Getaway

Happy Saturday!  Just thought I’d leave you with some shots from my week- I spent a few days at my parent’s beach house in York, Maine with some amazing friends.  The summer vacation destination is a bit of a ghost town right now, so we claimed it as our own.  We woke up each morning and made an elaborate breakfast, played board games, went on walks, sipped cosmos, (read: we were in heaven).  There’s something about the ocean that relaxes me no matter the season…