a new year’s resolution


Hello!  It’s a new year and with the hanging of fresh calendars comes a new season, new goals, and the setting of new works in the studio.

2014 was a very polarized one for me.  The highs were like dreams, but the lows…unimaginable nightmares.  Great love was lost, accidents erupted, lives were compromised, and relationships evolved.  I have been thinking a lot lately about resolutions, do you make them?  I usually write up a list of relatively unimportant steps to “self betterment”, but while composing an email on that very subject late Monday night, the only resolution I’ll be making this year sort of just….wrote itself…

“By the time December 31st rolls around, I find myself reflecting on the previous year’s self-promises (most of which are unfulfilled, I might add…how typical), and feel obligated to think up a new way to phrase “drink more water” and “pay it forward” in an attempt to trick myself into believing this new year will be, well, new.  This year’s reflection was different, though.  And not because I actually did start drinking more water in 2014 (woohoo!), but because in light of the harshness of life’s fragility making itself impossible to ignore this year, my resolution seemed so obvious to me.  In 2015 I want to really live.  I want to go slowly, do one thing at a time, and actually observe the world around me.  I want to notice if the neighbors down the street painted their fence or a new bit of graffiti has popped up on the building next to the ballet studio.  I want to write to my grandmother more often, strike up a conversation with the stranger putting an alarming amount of sugar in his coffee, and go to sleep each day with at least one new realization, experience, or random conundrum to investigate.  I guess what I mean is I would like to allow my mind to wander away from the meaningless worries of my own overly analytical brain and into the lightness that is taking each day one at a time.”

Some of my favorite moments from 2014…

shooting this Time vs. Money music video for The Bynars

this photoshoot with Andrew Marnier

performing Sugarplum for the first time and booking my first guesting

moving into my first apartment of my own– more updates to follow!

this walk around Swan Point Cemetery

shooting this mock gatorade commercial

being introduced to gwenythbrand

the summer of extreme personal growth

flying off to Neverland

modeling for MAC cosmetics


the pooh way

DSC00809 DSC00804 DSC00799 DSC00797

Remember how I said I read an entire book the other day?  Well, per the expert recommendation of a close friend, I quickly made my way through Benjamin Hoff’s The Tao of Pooh.  I found its teachings so interesting, I wanted to share them with you.

This light-hearted book explains the ideals of Taoism to its readers in terms any child, or child at heart, can not only understand, but appreciate and enjoy as well…the Pooh way!  Using the classic Winnie-the-Pooh characters, the otherwise slightly complicated principles of Taoism are illustrated clearly and with style- emphasis on the illustrations!

This easy read has got me really thinking about what Taoism teaches and the way of life that Pooh, as the ultimate definition of Taoism according to this book, practices daily.  According to the author, Taoism is perfectly demonstrated by Pooh every time he makes the decision to just be.  With Rabbit’s cleverness always guiding him to the next pointless task, Owl’s wisdom robbing him of any actual life experience, Piglet’s fear of the world keeping him from Pooh’s effortlessly happy lifestyle, Eeyore’s cynism defying any chance of inner nature, and Tigger’s attempts to be the best at everything standing in his way of realizing his own truths, Pooh is the only animal in all of the Hundred Acre Wood who can truly be considered a Taoist.  When Pooh doesn’t know what to do, he does what he wants.  He sits in a nice spot and thinks.  Or heads to the kitchen to eat some Honey.  Or walks around the whole forest just to say hello to each of his friends and wish them a Happy Thursday.  Because he is just “That Kind of Bear”.  Pooh realizes that things are the way they are.  Instead of thinking of complicated ways to fix problems, Pooh does the obvious.  He sees a situation in front of him, and takes the most blatant straightforward approach to solving it.  And you know what?  He succeeds.  That’s why in the end, everyone is always giving “three cheers for Poohbear!”

What do you think of this “pure happiness” approach to life?  Do you really think it’s possible to simply choose happiness and feel happy?  Studying a little of the logic behind this theory really did open my eyes to the idea of it…I’ve decided to try and think of Pooh when I’m feeling lost or frustrated by this injury.  What would Pooh do?  I mean, it can’t hurt, right?


Just a few quick words of wisdom for you all on this chilly Friday night, reminding us to always roll with the punches (it will only make you stronger and wiser), take each day one step at a time, and seize every fleeting opportunity- you never know what could come of it.  Life can be messy, but it’s only up to us to recognize it as the gift it truly is.  Sometimes we get caught up in our own internal debates, forgetting how our actions can change the course of another’s life.

Tomorrow’s challenge?  Take time to notice all the good things in your day- even if it’s just the softness of your squishy new slippers.  Smile at a stranger.  Chances are their spirits will be instantly lifted.  Vocalize your kind thoughts.  Do you know that warm fuzzy feeling that flows through your toes when someone tells you they adore your new haircut?  Pass that warm fuzzy on by externalizing any and all positivity you feel inside yourself.  It will only boost you up higher, I promise.  Don’t believe me?  Give it a try!

I’m busybusybusy these days, but I just wanted to pop in to wish everyone the cheeriest of weekends…and oh yes, HAPPY MARCH!