tea story

Man, if tea could talk, it would sure have a lot to say…and it would be very wise.  Luckily, the geniuses behind Yogi tea provide each little baggy with its own scroll to relay their message.  This morning’s tea wisdom is reminding me to soak up time with the people I love, and support them when they’re in need.  I will definitely be keeping this anecdote in mind today, perhaps a bit more than I should (I have this habit of over-analyzing, redistributing meaning, scrambling up in my brain, you know how it goes…), but what better way to spend your Sunday than endlessly pondering the meaning of love?  WOAH weren’t expecting me to get so deep on you, huh?!  Sometimes I just need to unleash my inner-Socrates on all of you.  And today, my morning tea message somehow gave me the boost I needed to do it.

What about all of you, young grasshoppers, how do you use the first few hours of your day to harness inspiration?

what lies ahead

Sometimes life can drag you down.

People are habitual by nature.  We get hung up on the past, encasing ourselves in a repetitive circular motion in which all spaces of time become our present and we lose touch with the moment.  Today becomes yesterday before tomorrow even has the chance to rise and shine.

Want an attainable goal for this week?  Move forward in a positive direction.  Break the time-warping cycle and view your life as an open road in which the past is left behind you, the future is almost recognizable on the horizon and you become consumed by the nature of the present.

swan lake wrap up

{documenting my stage makeup overload}
{dress rehearsal of Act III}
{me and Brenna as swans}
{plunged my feet into a bucket of icewater before the last show}
{roommie picture :)}
{post-performance gala}

That’s it!  The last chords have been struck, final bows have been taken, the curtain has come down and Swan Lake, along with FBP’s season, has finally come to a close.  Several injuries, countless podiatrist appointments, several pounds of hairspray, 4 pairs of pointe shoes, and a big bucket of ice later, I feel that I have gained more from this performance that I’d ever even imagined.  Not only have I grown immensely as a dancer (who knew I would have the physical capacity to make it through two shows of pas de trois and cygnets?!  *patting my own back right now*), but I’ve learned that it’s important to listen to your body.  This sounds obvious for a dancer, right?  But the life of a professional dancer means constantly striving for perfection, aiming to impress your peers, teachers, audience and director.  More often than not, this takes the courage to move out of your comfort zone and the strength to work through extreme pain…something I’ve had acute experience with these past few weeks.  With the idea that ballet dancers must have the body of a bird but the endurance of a camel in mind, my initial response would be to “keep calm and carry on”.  But while performing this past weekend, I’ve discovered that it’s okay to take a break every so often, rest my toes, heal my injuries and relax my mind.  With that said, I’m looking forward to a week free of commitments, followed by 9 days in Florida to visit the roommie’s hometown!  Can’t wait, hope everyone is making it through Monday! xo


It may only be Wednesday, but so far this week has been one of the busiest of the year.  Long, intense rehearsals with little time to sit, eat, drink or rest in any way have left me feeling slightly…well, drained.  While weeks like this one are taxing on my body and mind, they also bring me the chance to practice some important methods of relaxation to replenish myself for the next few long days ahead.  Here are some of my favorite ways to unwind:

1.  Get enough sleep.  This seems obvious, but it really does work.  Instead of spending my nights lazily staring at the television or anxiously organizing my room, I’ve taken to my bed by 10:30 every night this week.  I’m shocked just how renewed I feel in the morning.

2. Prioritize.  If a task is not pressingly important, postpone it until your life becomes a little less stress-prone.

3. Take 5-10 minutes to stretch, meditate, or just deeply breathe in the morning before you get up.  Taking these few moments to refuel will clear your mind give you the energy you need for a power-packed day.

4. Drink tea.  Caffeine for a boost (without the jitters of coffee), warmth to calm the senses, and liquid to keep you fuller longer (great for days where 3 square meals are not an option!)

5. Eat healthy.  While this may not be a time-saver, the effects of eating green, healthy food are unparalleled.  Vegetables are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that boost your mood- plus you won’t be bogged down with guilty thoughts of the junk food you consumed (making for a more productive day and a less distracted sleep).

6. Make lists.  One for “to do’s”.  One for “dones”.  One for “thank you’s” to those who’ve helped, and one for “please’s” to those whose help you may need during this busy time.  Also, consider writing a “stress” list of all the things that are making you anxious…writing them down not only unclogs important parts of your brain that you’ll need to ensure a productive day, but it may also help you realize some de-stressing solutions.

7.  Know your limits.  Work hard and sweat it out, but never push past your boundaries.  Stop when your body says so.

Practicing these tricks has significantly improved this dauntingly strenuous week.  How do you cope when your schedule seems unmanageable?

Spring Forward

MSGM / Pre-Fall 2012

It’s that time of year again!  Last night we switched over our clocks (unless you’re like me, and never “fell back” in the fall, then your clocks are finally caught up!), and lost a whole hour in the day.  I suppose this is a fair enough exchange for the entire bonus day we got at the end of the month (February 29- leap year woo!).  Either way, I’m taking Mother Nautre’s newest hour-snatching as a sign to get out there and gobble up the first signs of Spring.  I’m off to a day of antiquing, manicures, and sunshine.  In the meantime, I’ll be lusting over this ahhhdorable MSGM bubble mini (above) and I will leave you with these words of wisdom: