pumped up kicks

I’ve been stalking these shoes (stage five clinger status), for longer than I’d like to admit.  But can you really blame me?  First of all, Yves Saint Laurent.  Enough said there.  Second of all, suede + leather = awesome.  Last but not least, I’m not sure what they call this charcoaly-blueish-grey sort of color, but it’s my new favorite.  And that, my dears, is why these babies are officially the sneaks of my dreams.  Any questions?  Good.  Now try not to drool too much while I provide you with a few more shoeporn snapshots…

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The Bag of Your Dreams

Yves St. Laurent / $2,450

I just fell in love- with a bag.  A black leather YSL duffle bag to be exact.  Yes, it has a huge label across the front, (something I’m not usually crazy about) but here the letters add unique structure.  I would love to toss some silk pj’s, a sundress and my weekend beauty regime into this little beauty and runaway for a few days where no one can find me.  Just me and my YSL bag.  Ahhh.  Now I just need $2,450 to fall out of the sky.

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