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Sorry for the unannounced mini-break from blogging, life has been a bit crazy lately.  We finished our first series of Up Close On Hope performances Friday night, so FBP has quickly changed gears and launched into full on Nutcracker mode.  Another dead pair of pointe shoes hits the pink satin graveyard at the bottom of my locker each week, my rehearsals are candy-coated, and my daydreams, Tchaikovsky-themed.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

And it’s been made even more wonderful by the fact that I’ve just moved into a lovely new apartment- the first one I’ve ever been able to call my very own!  Of course, by “mine” I don’t mean that I’ve purchased it, but that I will be living here all by myself.  You know what that means?  Having way too much fun decorating it however my little heart pleases…

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Other perks of single-living?  Unlimited access to cheesy soap opera marathons, uncensored shower-singing, and shameless Saturday nights spent doing laundry and facial masks- it’s a glamorous life!

What do you like to do when you have the house all to yourself?

4 thoughts on “update

  1. Hahaha, soap-opera marathons, shower-singing and laundry/beauty time on the weekends sounds a lot like how I’d spend my time if I lived alone. Plus I’d throw in lots of random dancing, all around the house and whenever I felt like it :) I love the decor in your appartment – the suitcases are a great idea!

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