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Nutcracker is in full swing, my friends and I watched Love Actually last night, and my “Bright Copper Kettles” scented candle burns whenever I am home.  We picked our names for the annual FBP Secret Santa, so it seems like an appropriate time to put together a little holiday gift guide: Setting The Barre-style.  Read along for 10 special surprises to wrap up for the dancer in your life…

1. The Modern Classic.  I can’t say enough good things about this ultra soft, barre-inspired workout top. But if you’d like to see me try, check out my review.

2. Chamomile Tea.  This super-tea not only squashes stress, but it relieves sore muscles and reduces inflammation as well!  Yogi-tested, dancer-approved.

3. Warm Booties.  I have been sporting these Bloch booties since 2010 when my mom snagged them for me at a YAGP competition.  I warm up in them every morning, and have yet to find a footwear option that keeps my toes as warm and cozy as these pups.

4.  Glass Water Bottle.  I’m a big believer in reusable water bottles, but am also super sensitive to that icky taste plastic or metal options sometimes leak into the water they are holding.  This pretty glass bottle would eliminate that problem entirely, and the bamboo shell makes it both aesthetically pleasing and indestructible.  Win-win.

5. Nutribullet.  I purchased a Nutribullet this summer and can honestly say I’ve used it almost every day since.  It’s the most high-efficiency, low-maintainance way to blend up nutrient-packed smoothies I’ve ever found, and the cups come with screw-on tops, so you can bring them anywhere.

6. Heating Pad.  This one is essential if your dancer friend lives in a cold winter climate!  Equally helpful in warming up a sore spot and cuddling up with on the couch after a long day of rehearsal.

7. Knit Shawl.  The beautiful and talented Vilia Putrius of Artsy Leo knitted this little guy for me a few months ago, and I am obsessed with it.  The shawl is so soft and intricately crafted; I can wrap it around any part of my body and feel like I’m instantly warm and a tad fancy. ;)

8.  Massage Ball.  I rely on my Footrubz rubber massage ball to cure all bunion-induced foot ailments.  Arch cramps be gone!

9. Pretty Pouch.  I have about four different pouches in my dance bag currently.  One for sewing supplies, one for tape, one for hair accessories, and one for miscellaneous mints, perfume rollers, and other items that attempt to make me smell less like a sweaty foot.  This glam little option from Madewell would be a warmly welcomed update.

10. Stretch Ribbons.  I arrived late to the stretchy ribbons party, but boy am I glad I finally decided to show up.  Two words: achilles savers.  Give any and all lady dancers in your life the gift of freedom from ankle-strangling satin ribbons!  Their tendons will thank you forever.

2 thoughts on “dear santa, love dancers

  1. This is great. I was looking for a gift for my friend and I think I will give her the nutribullet! I was thinking about buying her some ballet uniforms but she already has plenty of it, lol. Thanks for sharing!

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