talking tutus

Woooaah, tutus that can talk?!  Sadly no, that is not the explanation for the title of this post…

Instead I’d like to introduce to you the newest addition to this little blog ‘o mine, “Tutu Talk”.  You may have noticed the freshy fresh brand spankin’ new page that appeared over on the left sidebar (or maybe you didn’t, but I wouldn’t want you to be out of the loop so I’m giving you the scoop now!).  And if you’ve clicked on it, you’ve discovered it’s a bit rambly and serious.  But on a blog that’s primarily fun and fashion, I feel it’s important to address the grittier bits of my life.  What might surprise some people is that those gritty bits are (for the most part) hidden underneath rhinestones and tulle.  I thought it might interest some of you to hear what the life of a ballet dancer is like behind all of the makeup and costumes.  But I might be wrong.  Are you guys into it?!  Is it boring?!?  Let me know by checking out the new page and commenting with some feedback!

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