paris, le deuxieme jour

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Our second day à Paris was reserved for locating our respective daily destinations; Pour Tegan, the ballet studio, et pour moi, l’ecole de français.  A few flips of the map and wooshes of le metro later and we were successful in completing both tasks!  Which meant it was time to reward ourselves first with a visit to le tour eiffel and un verre de vin rouge.  Then it was off to Oberkampf.  Located in the 11th Arrondissement, the Oberkampf neighborhood is known for its youthful population, trendy bars and restaurants, unique shopping, and overal “hipster” vibe.  Tegan has been comparing it to Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY…if that means anything to any of you.

Although it was early evening on a Sunday and many of the shops and cafes were closed, Oberkampf lived up to all of its hype.  The streets were decorated with clever street art and crawling with hip 20-something Parisians clad in black thick-framed glasses and leather jackets.  Awesome.  Definitely going to check Oberkampf out this weekend when it’s in full swing!

After Oberkampf it was time for some vin et une salades caesar back in the 11th Arrondissement.  Trés délicieux!  That was about all the energy we had in us for the second day, so it was time for a shower and some much needed sleep.  Until next time, au revoir friends!

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