holly jolly

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Sometimes, when you’re feeling frustrated at the barre and the negativity in your mind only inflates during center, you just need to leave the studio and go for a walk in the greaaat outdoors.  As was the case with me yesterday, and my walk on Blackstone Boulevard proved just as refreshing and restorative as I had hoped it would be.

While the cool November air hit the reset button on my mind, I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures of all the holly berries decorating the pathway.  How had I never noticed there are SO many?!  Now, I know a lot of people cringe at the sound of Christmas music before December 1st, and being someone who boasts Thanksgiving as their favorite holiday (a whole day devoted to overindulgence, what’s not to love?!), you’d think the early signs of Christmas leaving their mark along the boulevard would drive me crazy…but instead I switched my Pandora to a holiday playlist and embraced the onslaught of cheeriness filling the air!

Today I woke up with a renewed sense of peace in my brain, and plans to bake a pumpkin banana bread in the spirit of the season (it’s currently in the oven and permeating a scent I can only describe as “Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen at The North Pole”).  Next time you’re in a rut, my advice to you is to take a long walk and bake something yummy.  Class dismissed.

One thought on “holly jolly

  1. what’s not to like???…and I’m not shy about listening to those “too soon Christmas carols”…because I LOVe them! xoxo :)

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