holy shoe!


I have been back to full out dancing (pointe shoes, jumps, and all!) for a week now, and there is one word that perfectly describes the way I feel:  OUCH.

My whole body hurts, in that great, dull achey way that makes me get up out of bed to take more pain killers before adjusting into 5 different strange and questionably circus-worthy totally normal positions before falling asleep.  It’s a hot, all over soreness that I can only imagine must be a release from the throats of my muscles as they sing their post-hibernation song.

As displayed by the above photo, my ballet shoes are humming quite a different tune.  When holes have their own holes and your delicate calluses become exposed to sticky marly floors and you can’t afford another trip to the dance store, drastic measures must be taken.  Enter thick thread and my expert sewing skillz.  Beat that, Martha Stewart.

The best part about working full-time again?  Those crazy little endorphins.  You guys, they are just lovely.  I was running across the studio, practicing some sotashas for this one piece (apparently I was doing a strange chasé, run run run, chasé again preparation of sorts, resulting in what appeared to be pure comical entertainment for my boss), and laughing at myself as I zoomed from one end of the studio to the other when I realized I am running.  And JUMPING.  And laughing!  It’s the simple things in life that sometimes make you the happiest.

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