h o m e

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Acupuncture with Dr. Mike, photoshoot with Rhode Island Monthly, dress rehearsal with FBP, and a quiet cup of tea with…me.

It’s been quite the day…week…month on the Lake.  I often describe my feelings as mixed, because that’s precisely what they are.  I feel so tired, excited, underprepared and ready.  Perhaps, if I were to really search, the one word to encapsulate my current state would be vulnerable.  Vulnerable in all of the raw, scary, natural, dangerous, and thrilling ways the word suggests.  I am feeling that strange, comfortable vulnerability that only comes when you feel truly at home.

Tomorrow may be one of my toughest performing days to date.  A double show day means… waltz to lead swans to brides to lead swans to pas de trois to lead swans to brides and back to lead swans.  I will change my pointe shoes 10 times over the course of those two shows to accommodate the specific demands of each role, and 4 headpieces will rotate in their position atop my head a total of 8 times by the end of the night.  I wish I could write more here, but my head is full of Tchaikovsky, and grandiose-filled-brain or not, math was never my strong suit.  Time to rest these feet…see you on the other side.

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