s u n s h i n e state of mind

Hello, friends!  I’m back in PVD after a week of much needed adventure.  First stop, Palm Beach, Florida…IMG_9373

My twin cousin and I (re: accidental matching travel outfits both departing and returning, per the photos above) decided to book some tickets to the sunshine state just 2 weeks before leaving.  If that sounds a bit crazy, blame it on the vitamin d deficiency!  After months under sweaters, all I wanted was some, well, sunshine.  SO, the morning after my last Up Close On Hope performance, our 6am plane whisked us off for four days of relaxation, exploration and beach time.

Despite the thick coat of 70+ SPF coating my upper half (#SwanLakeinamonth), all those hours by the pool seemed to work their magic on my mental state, with deep happy hour conversations and fluffy hotel bed naps rounding out the holistic healing.  We walked and talked, dodged lizards and got pedicures.  We ate acai bowls and squash blossoms,  mushrooms, avocados and fish tacos.  We drank wine and fancy cocktails, visited friends and swam in the ocean.  Turns out this trip wasn’t just what I wanted- it was everything I needed.IMG_9530




7 thoughts on “s u n s h i n e state of mind

  1. Love your blog Kirsten! Always fun to see what dancers are up to when they are out of the studio and off the stage. Sunshine and healthy foods are always a great choice!

  2. Love your blog Kirsten! Always fun to read about how dancers spend their precious time when not in the studio or on stage. You can never go wrong with sunshine and healthy food!

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